Hubby Is Published!

Last weekend, hubby became a published author!

He's been writing for years and years. There was a time years ago he tried to get one of his stories published, sending letters and stuff out to various publishers.

Last year he started on a fresh story idea that kinda spun into it's own universe.

In his words:
Griffins and Gunpowder is a Gunpowder Fantasy; fantasy set in a world that includes gunpowder and it's associated weaponry but does not focus on steam-power or other elements typical of a "steampunk" novel.
It is set on the world of Zaria, where Elves, Magic and Griffins co-exist alongside rifles and railroads.

Thanks to joys of modern technology, hubby learned about self-publishing and the e-reader format that self-published authors have been taking full advantage of. No need to worry about a publishing giant rejecting your work because they don't want to take a chance since you're unknown - you can now self-publish it yourself and even make a better percentage off it since there's no middleman to take a cut.

His novel - The Cerberus Rebellion - will be for sale on Amazon in July, however, to give you a taste of his Griffins and Gunpowder universe he has released 3 short stories! So if you have a Kindle, or the free Kindle smartphone app or the client for your computer be sure to check them out and leave a review - we'd really appreciate it! Book 2 in the series is already being planned and a novella is in the works to be released soon!

He also has a site/blog that he regularly updates too - feel free to check it out!

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