Meet our newest family member!

I realize I've been a bit absent recently here. The last 5 days or so have been a bit crazy.

I can't go into the exact details right now, but hubby's family is having a bit of a family crisis.

A lot of prayer for his parents and especially his little sister would be very much appreciated!

His father is in poor health (if you follow me on Twitter, you know I had mentioned he was in the hospital briefly last week) and his sister is only 13.

In the wake of all this mess we're trying to take care of, we have acquired one of my in-laws dogs!

Meet Lady
Our newest addition to the family!
She's very friendly and loves people - when we went in to get her she came running to greet us! Hubby and I haven't seen her since the last time we were out there, which was Christmas 2010,  and she's taken to us just fine. She's a border collie/ lab/ Australian shepherd mix - so about medium sized. Completely house trained and about 3 and a half years old. Her name is Lady.

Jay is beyond thrilled - he LOVES playing with the dog at my parent's house, especially when my sis was still living there with her dog. We brought him home tonight, after cleaning Lady up real good, and he was sooooo excited to see a doggie, in his house. We were afraid of her attacking him, but instead of having to watch her, we had to watch Jay instead as he was going completely crazy over her, lol... he was tired too, as it was bedtime. I had put her in the dog carrier/crate while I got Jay ready for bed, just since she's not used to the house yet. I let Jay watch her as I got his bedtime yogurt snack ready - he sat across the hall from the face of the crate, staring at her and giggling and smiling, inching closer and closer til I had to tell him not to put his fingers in the crate, and he'd back up against the hall way and start the process over again, lol...

Once he was in bed I let her back out again and have been letting her roam the main living areas of the house on the main floor. She seems to be settling in just fine, having already taken a nap on the rug in the kitchen and rolling around the floors.

I forgot about her and Tiger though... she's used to cats as at one point my inlaws had an army of kitties in their house (okay, so it was like 5. Or 6. Still...). Tiger's not used to other animals, in her house though. The dog didn't know about Tiger so as she was exploring, Tiger popped out and scared her, making her run into some of Jay's toys, lol... and then Tiger proceeded to "guard" the family room by sitting on the bottom portion of the table near the hallway between the kitchen and the family room, going into defense mode and growling (yes, my cat growls). It's been pretty funny! At one point she walked a little too close near Tiger as she was following me to the family room (after Tiger had moved and let her check it out, lol...) and I had to spray Tiger with the water bottle before she lunged at Lady's thigh, lol... She seems to be calming down though, as she's back on her spot on the loveseat and dozing in and out while the dog lays around nearby.

We gave her a flea and tick shampooing and a good washing and brushing before bringing her in the house - poor dog, my sister in law couldn't remember the last time they gave her a bath other than "it was warm out." Sooo much dead dog fur came off her! I'm calling the vet in the morning to see if we can get her in soon to get her shots, license and just checked out in general - my inlaws lived out in the country and of course they didn't do any of that; us being in the city, she has to be licensed or we could get fined or in trouble. We'll get her spayed eventually (cuz again, they lived out in the country and didn't do that either) but since we no longer qualify for the voucher we can't afford it at the moment.

Considering the state of my inlaw's house (I'm not even joking when I say it looks like something you'd see on an episode of Hoarders) and the fact she wasn't being properly cared for (especially these last few days)
 my mom said she probably thinks she died and went to heaven!

So we are now officially dual-animal owners =)


  1. Hooray for new pets! I absolutely LOVE dogs, and Lady sounds like an absolute doll. So happy to hear she has a new, better home where she can be pampered :).


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