Fun with Our Phones Monday #16

It's Monday! So time with Fun with Our Phones Monday! I should mention though, this week I'm pretty busy with work so don't be surprised if there's a lack of posts for this week - this time of year, working retail... it gets a bit hectic! I also apologize for my lack of Twitter presence the past few days too - I've just been too busy with work and squeezing in time with family to stay on top of my feed.

Anyways, here's this past week's photos!

I had a few phone calls to make and when I got done this is what I saw, lol...
 Having fun with his Aunt Katie (hubby's little sis)

Watching the (fake) fire with daddy
I thought I looked nice
He somehow took his shirt halfway off!

Zombie baby!!
These faces he was making on the mesh netting were cracking me up, lol...
Even in Sam's Club I can't get away from Tebow!!!
Last week I got to be my sis's guinea pig for hair cutting as she's going to beauty school and had a test where she had to cut long layers on an actual person with long hair. She passed and didn't butcher my hair, lol... mom said she was a nervous wreck the night before though as this was the 1st time she was cutting on an actual person!
Just chillin' in his highchair at Grammie's (mommy's old highchair)
1st hot cocoa in my Mary Kay dishes =)
These were the bags where I had Jay's Christmas presents in, but I took them out while wrapping and Tiger decided to make a nest in them
He passed out in his pack n play, on top of Clifford
Drinking from his Elmo sippy cup
Playing with the Christmas Winnie the Pooh plushies
Throwing Eeyore around

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  1. oh i think i have that same scarf! Looks super cute on you! :)


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