Swap, swap, swap!

This holiday season I've participated in several swaps here in Blogland... here's what I've gotten so far!

For Tara and Celia's Nail Polish Swap, my swap partner was Lauren from On a Lighter Note....

Here's what Lauren sent me:

That's Essie's "Cocktail Bling" and "Buy Me a Cameo." I've been hearing some of you mention Essie lately so I'm glad I got to try this brand out =)

I also participated in Ashleigh & Co's 144 participant Ornament Swap this year!

My partner was Olivia from Simply Sunshine and Daisies and she sent me 3 ornaments:

They're all great, but I particularly love the wire star one with glass balls!

I also participated in the 1st Annual Just Add Color Fall Swap which was a scarf and nail polish swap. The link-up for this swap was 2 weeks ago, however my swap partner failed and forgot to ship it until this past week so I just got my scarf over the weekend. She did write a nice apology note though and included some cute earrings as well to make up for it.


  1. Love the nail polish you got!! Very pretty colors!

  2. I'm sooo glad you finally got your stuff from your scarf swap partner!

  3. Thanks guys and me too Jessica!

  4. LOVE those colors you received and love the scarf!! =)


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