A Very Bloggy Christmas swap

The link-up for this one was technically the other day, however my gift didn't arrive until this afternoon, plus I've been swamped with working this week (yay for working retail, at a mall, during this time of year - not!).

Anyways, I signed up for this swap, among several others and completely forgot about it until I got the email about who I was paired up with (doh!).

But it was fun and I'm glad I did this one (note to self though - next year, set a limit on how many swaps to do, as I sorta signed up for some and completely forgot and then signed up for others and then I started getting all these emails about who my various swap partners were and yeah... oops! LOL... swaps ARE fun though!).

Anyways, for this one I was paired up with the lovely Etosia from Raising Rylin. We didn't communicate a whole lot at the beginning aside from exchanging blog urls, but towards the end we were emailing back and forth and following each other on The Twit (and yes, I just called Twitter "The Twit." It's been a long week, next week will only be worse and I'm in a strange mood, lol...). We blog/Twitter stalked each other to get some idea of what to get the other.

Tonight when I got home from work I was greeted with a lovely package from UPS sitting on the floor of my living/family room. I almost forgot I was expecting a package and was a bit confused trying to figure out what I ordered from Bath and Body Works (as the label said) since I work just across the way from one and usually pick up whatever I need before or after work depending on what shift I'm working, not to mention I thought I had all our Christmas presents wrapped.

I opened up the UPS box though and much to my delight I saw this:
Excuse my messy kitchen table
Card reads:
To: Rachel
Merry Bloggy Christmas!
From: Etoisa
Curious and excited, I opened it up and here were my swap gifts:

At first I was like "Whoa!!! How'd she get ahold of my Amazon wishlist?!" Since several of the items were on there, but then I remembered for the Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge last week that I showed off my Christmas wishlist with them on it, lol... I can definitely say I love it! I tried out the lip gloss right away and yep - tasted like vanilla frosting just like the scent smells! I also just tried out the mini anti-bacterial soap and it's pretty good too! And I now have a back-up bottle of my lotion/cream for when I run out of my current bottle (I use it often daily, that's for sure!)

Feel free to hop on over to Etosia's blog and see what I got her =)


  1. that is so awesome that she went right off your wish list :)

    just saying hello from the blog swap!


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