I'm alive

Hell week.

Or so those in retail often refer to the week before Christmas.

Granted, I worked retail the last 2 Christmas seasons, but never as hard as I am this year! Sears Essentials had too many people on staff so I was lucky to get at least 2 shifts a week there and they were only like 4 hours long at the most. And last year... I was just seasonal and pregnant so they went easy on me, giving me maybe a shift a week and scheduling me as an on-call for back-up in case someone called in for their shift.

This year is completely different though.

Since our store manager quit last month to make a career change (and after 14 years at the same place, you can't really blame her!) most of the seasoned employees followed suit and either joined her at her new retail job or just quite and went elsewhere. I'm basically the only regular seasoned associate who's been there for more than a few months so of course they're scheduling me lots. And I like the money, but not the hours so much.

Last week I worked at least 30 hours and this week I'll hit at least 26 hours if not more.

Mall hours are nuts this year. Last Friday I opened at 9am (had to be there at 8am though) and Monday we opened at 8am (I had to be there at 7am). As of yesterday the mall opens at 7am and closes at 11pm! We've been getting out at 1130/midnight with the recent 10pm closings... I'm not expecting to get home til 1am tonight.

Anyways, I'm surviving. 2 more shifts (today and Christmas Eve) and then things go back to somewhat normal, I've been told.

Hubby's hanging in there too, despite peak at UPS being crazy this week (he didn't get home til almost 5am the other night!).

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  1. You're gonna need some GOOD, well deserved rest after the holidays! I worked retail during college and I just don't think I have the energy for that anymore. Or patience. lol.. Hang in there, you can do it!!


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