Fun with Our Phones #17

I know, it's technically Thursday, so I missed the link-up, but whateva! I've been super busy with work and Jay this week and when I'm not occupied with one or the other I'm trying to squeeze in sleep - I'll be glad when this week is over!

I pulled the bottle nipple out of the dishwasher and yeah... the nipple part broke right off! How weird?!
I baked gingerbread cookies last week!
Hubby got his latest Android phone (because working for Verizon he apparently has to have the best). It's the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and it's a lot thinner than his Thunderbolt with the extended battery (sitting next to it).
He decided he was going to push/pull his high chair across the kitchen one night
He gave up when he got it stuck on the edge of the fridge and the cupboard door, lol...
WHY did NO ONE tell me 13 went direct-to-DVD?!?! I've been waiting a few years now for this movie to be released in theaters (as it should have been). It's got Jason Statham, Alexander Skarsgard, Mickey Rourke and others. Sooooo annoyed - had I know this was out I would have asked for it for it for Christmas! Grrrr
Checking out the snow!
Trying to open the patio door, lol...
"Oh hai, mommy!"
I was getting tired of not having a watch (my previous one broke) so I stopped in at Charming Charlie's on my break and found one that fit and I liked (I have small wrists so most watches I have to remove a link or 2 from)
A girl I work with, her son's 1st birthday was this past weekend so she invited us to his party. There was lots of little kids there. Jay seemed to have fun - he climbed in the Cozy Coup and toted that screwdriver around for a bit too, lol... we were joking on Facebook that he was pretending to be a mechanic here, lol...
Hey there!
One of the party favors was bubbles, but these were like plastic ones that didn't pop right away... Jay had several land on his head... he didn't want to take a picture though, lol...
Bubbles in his hair - he LOVED me blowing bubbles! Can't wait for summer!

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