The Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge: Days 9 & 10

I forgot to do Day 9 so I'll just combine it with Day 10 (which is the last one!!)

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge
Day 9
2012 Goals & Resolutions

As cliche as it sounds, lose weight. 
Jay's almost a year old and I would really like to get back to my pre-preggo weight and maybe lose a little more. Basically, I'd like to look decent in a swimsuit again so I can take Jay this summer since he's old enough to wade in a baby pool and splash around, but that means getting the stretch marks to fade enough so they're not in your face noticable and making sure my pooch doesn't make people want to lose their lunch, lol...

And obviously make memories with Jay. 
I really hate working retail during the holiday season because they work me to my max since we're soooo busy, but after December it tends to die down and hopefully I won't be working more than 2-3 days a week (right now I average 3 but this next week I'm work 4 since we're so close to Christmas). Like I've said before, I don't NEED to work, it's just any money I make is all extra and helps cover anything extra Jay might need (plus the discount is nice for his clothes - with our employee sale the other day, I picked up his $60 3-in-1 jacket for next year for just $20!) so work shouldn't come before family and Jay stuff.

Find a weekly playgroup for Jay.
He needs social interaction with other kids close in his age. Whether it's an official playgroup, the church nursery or just meeting up with a friend with kids close to his age once a week, it doesn't matter so long as he's getting interaction with other kids - it's hard to teach him about sharing and things like that when he doesn't really have anyone he has to share with, ya know?

I'd also like to get our yard in order. 
This 1st year we more focused on the inside of the house and getting it to how we wanted so it felt like home. But our yard could use some work - we need to lay dirt around the foundation in the backyard to slope rain and such away from the house. Our firepit (that was already there) could use some work. Jay needs a swing set and area to play in. There's a part of the deck that's not completely stable. And we'd like to put in a concrete walkway from the driveway through the back gate and around the side past the deck and garage door as it's basically just mud/dirt there right now.

Pay off the majority of our debt.
My car will be paid off in May and we have some hospital/medical bills from when Jay was born as well as ones related to his other hospital stay and visits regarding his kidney/ureter tube. Plus we put some of the hospital bills on the credit card to get a collection agency off our backs. We also have a Best Buy account that'll be paid off soon too. Our tax return will help with a big chunk of this plus having my car paid off will be an extra $200/mo we can put towards paying other stuff off, so hopefully by the end of 2012 (assuming hubby hasn't gotten promoted to full-time yet) we'll only have his car and our house left as major debt.

Day 10
New Year's Eve Memories/Pictures

One of the more memorable New Year's Eves I had was 2004/2005. Jeny (my long-time college roommate) was still involved with the indy wrestling circuit in the Chicago-area and a bunch of her wrestling buddies were having a party at someone's place just across the border in Indiana. We went, along with our boyfriends at the time, however by the time we got there it was 30 minutes to midnight and back then we held the belief that you had to be drunk at midnight. So we quickly began to drink. And drink we did! We did several shots as well as this drink that had 1/3 beer, 1/3 something else and 1/3 something else. It was really good though! Someone had us take a shot of this anti-hangover stuff, but it tasted like chloroseptic spray and definitely didn't help my hangover the next morning! It was fun time though. One of our friend's proposed to his pregnant ex-gf at midnight, but no one noticed it happening until someone yelled it out! Doh! A bunch of the guys went streaking too and Jeny and I, being goofy, decided we would go streak behind them with our all our clothes on, lol... We got waaay too drunk that night, but had a lot of fun and ended it in the office guest room watching our favorite movie (Napoleon Dynamite), lol... the next morning and the drive home sucked (I had to stop in Naperville at my boyfriend's parents' house to get my car before driving an hour and a half back to my parent's house), but it was definitely a memorable New Year's Eve!

Then there was the 1st NYE that hubby and I were a couple:

We all went to a friend's classy party at their house (dress up nice, champagne at midnight...). Jeny and I played some Guitar Hero and started swing dancing at one point.

Then there was our 1st NYE as a married couple...

I wanted to go out and an old mutual friend of my high school ex's invited us out with them for dinner and a party afterwards. We skipped the dinner but met up at the one guy's house (he lives with his mom whom I remembered from high school - it was nice seeing her again!). It was a little awkward - they kept playing Beer Pong in teams and then someone had drama with their on again, off again gf who decided to be a bitch that night... hubby and I played some Left 4 Dead though before leaving an hour or so after midnight (like I said, it got awkward with the drama!).

The year after that I insisted hubby join his brothers at a small party at a family friend's of theirs about an hour away from us (which he thanked for doing later as he did enjoy himself and the time with his brothers). Gotta admit though, I got bored and while we planned on spending the night on air mattresses, I couldn't sleep and so hubby and I drove back at 4am to sleep in our own bed.

Then last year... ugh.

It was memorable but not in a good way. I was very pregnant and we met up with hubby's brothers at the one's gf's parent's house. I couldn't drink obviously though so I just drank water and ate chips and salsa since I was on my crappy diabetes diet. And they kept playing Beer Pong in the same teams (I hate that game - only a few can play at a time and it's boring for everyone else. If you're not going to play drinking card games at least  play flippy cup where lots of people can play!). Hubby's brothers got too drunk though and while hubby wanted to enjoy the night, we ended up taking care of his youngest brother who doesn't have the same tolerance as the rest of the family and started puking... and almost got in a fight with one of his other brothers after he saw him making out with a girl he was interested in and said brother came over to try and help with baby bro (like I said, it wasn't good and we had to keep them separated for awhile). Hubby was pissed as it completely killed his buzz and well, I was completely sober and just not enjoying myself. I don't like going to parties and not drinking when everyone else is. Sure, some people can do it, but for me it's just not fun being sober when everyone is acting all goofy due to alcohol. I at least like a good buzz. Plus, I must just be getting old cuz partying with a bunch of minors and people in their young 20s isn't really all that fun anymore. It was really weird when her parents came home from their evening out with the younger kids... and then joined in the fun by playing Beer Pong! Yeah... awkward!

Not sure what we're doing this year - part of me wants to go out, but the other part kinda wants to stay home with Jay and introduce him to my family's tradition of blowing the paper kazoo thing and banging pots and pans at midnight to "ring in" the new year. So I'm not sure... either way, I'm definitely having a drink this year since I couldn't last year!

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