Fun with Our Phones Monday #15

It's still Monday, which means there's still time for...

Most of these are of Jay, again, but oh well! He's a cutie so it's all good!

He started playing with my ShakeWeight (yes, I own one and honestly, it seems like it works IMO, I just don't use it often enough to see results, lol...) and I was like "Don't tell me you're going to try and lift that up - it's like 1/4th of your weight!" and lo and behold... he did. Several times!
Watching Super Why, upside down.
You may recall on Twitter last week me advising not to order ceramic frames from Amazon - this is why. They shipped it with several other similar sized items in a box that was like 3 times too big. This being ceramic, and on the bottom of everything, it obviously got broken. You can see a chip in it above the "D" on the bottom side and there's at least 3 other cracks in the frame. I was kinda sad as this was part of his Christmas present as we got my mom a Grandma frame last summer and my dad mentioned he'd like one of these and finding one that works vertically as well as horizontally is a bit hard to do, not to mention I can only seem to find Grandpa frames online - no big name stores around here carry them, just Grandma ones! Wth?! Grandpa's need loving too!
I went to take a picture of the snow outside (the 1st snowfall to actually stick a little bit) and my flash made this happen instead thanks to our screen glass door. Looks kinda cool!
This is what I was actually trying to take a photo of, lol... the view of the snow from our front door. Not much and it was gone by morning, but enough to actually say it snowed a bit!
"Hi mommy. Don't mind me, I'm just playing with daddy's shoelaces!"
Too cute!
At his pediatric cardiology appointment last week the doctor gave him this sticker when they 1st met. Jay held onto it. The entire rest of the time we were there. During his testing. And on the ride home. He didn't put it down until he got distracted by one of his toys after we got home.
Sleeping cutie!
I caught him climbing ON his walker the other day. In true mommy fashion, I took a picture and then told him not to do that, lol...

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  1. haha, love that you have a shake weight! I really do think they would work!!


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