The Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge: Day 7

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge
Day 7
How You Celebrate the Holidays

Let me just start by saying that I originally had this post all set to go, but accidently opened it here in Blogger, hit a key and then quickly ctrl-z'd it to remove it... and my entire post was gone and wouldn't show up again. I quickly exited out of it before it could save the empty post... but no such luck! Booo!

Anyways, we start off celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve with my family. At 5pm our church has an hourlong Candles and Carols service that we attend with my family before joining them back at either my parent's house or my aunt's house for dinner and presents. We start off with our meal - usually some Shepherd's Pie among other side dishes and top it off with some dessert such as Christmas cookies, pie or cheesecake. Then we sit and open up gifts with them (we open the ones from them, they open the ones from us). Usually we squeeze in a screening of 24 Hours of A Christmas Story before heading home for the night, where hubby and I get a full screening of it in before bed.

Christmas Day we wake up at a decent hour, exchange our gifts, watch another showing of A Christmas Story and get ready to go visit my in-laws. We usually watch A Christmas Story at least once while waiting for the rest of the family to show until my father-in-law decides it's time for us to watch something else. We open up gifts while we wait for dinner to finish cooking and eat around late afternoon/early evening. We usually end the day after dinner by doing either watching a new DVD or playing a new video game together.

This year will be a little different though as we need to set Jay's presents out after he goes to bed (we plan on putting together his push/ride walker toy and sticking a bow on it for him so he sees it right away when bring him into the room. And with my in-laws, since most of the family lives in town now it's been requested that my mother-in-law, father-in-law and sister-in-law come into to town and we have the food and gifts at one of our houses. Originally we discussed hosting it here, as with Jay, it makes the most sense (his toys will all be here, as is his high chair and the house is already baby-proofed) although one of hubby's brother's is wanting it to be at his house... it hasn't been decided yet but we're hoping for our house this year, as Jay will be bigger next year and understand a little better about not falling down or climbing up stairs or putting his fingers in light sockets... plus we can just bring a booster seat for him to sit in instead of hauling the whole high chair over there. Plus, our house is all decorated for the holidays and not a crazy bachelor pad, party house.

How do you guys celebrate the holidays?

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