Library playtime!

Lately I've been looking into finding a Mommy & Me type organized groups/activities to take Jay to on a weekly basis where he can socialize with tots closer in age to him and I can get some parental interaction too.

Unfortunately there's not really an official "Mommy and Me" type classes in our area but I have found some similar alternatives...

the problem though is that most are held in the morning, and well... we're not morning people, Jay included.

So it's been difficult finding little kid activities in the afternoons.

But I did seem to find a group of moms in town that have a weekly Thursday afternoon playgroup and I did come across a free storytime/playgroup for kids under 2 Thursdays evenings at our nearby library branch.

We decided to check that out this past Thursday.

We were the 1st ones there, but another family with a little boy showed up and then 2 other moms with their sons showed up late as well. Their sons were all about 20 months old, but Jay seemed to do pretty well with them, crawling around after them, playing with the letter shapes that were passed out. He seemed to be enjoying himself which was good! The library worker read a few stories, we sang a few songs, and practiced sounds with the kids based on the letters they picked out of a bag (Jay liked carrying an O all over the place).

We'll probably go again the last 2 weeks of this year, so long as I don't have work. Hopefully some more kids come, and closer in Jay's age, as the other kids are all approaching 2 soon!

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