Just not Jay's week

Wednesday afternoon Jay had his follow-up for his flu-shot to get the 2nd part of it since I guess your 1st time they do it in 2 shots or something...

Anyways, it's been in the 20s and 30s around these parts lately so that means warmer jackets! Only... Jay doesn't like wearing his big heavy jacket and gets mad whenever we put it on him.

So he wasn't happy about that but we took it off as soon as we were in the waiting room so he could crawl around and play with the toys in the corner.

At our office he's had 2 or 3 different nurses do his shots, but more often it's the nurse that's married to our doctor. After a few minutes of waiting she called us back to get his shot. I picked him up and as soon as he saw her got this look on his face like he knows she's the one that gives him shots most of the time. Even the receptionist noticed and was like "Wow... he's really giving you a bad look!"

He was not happy about the shot at all. And then he got mad at me when I made him put his big coat back on, screaming and crying in the waiting room (fortunately there were only 2 other people in the room, but he did get loud and the receptionists were giving us looks, lol...).

Poor kiddo... he's been teething off and on all week too, Thursday being the worst so far. We think he's working on molars the way he's been shoving his fingers into the back of his mouth on both sides. He didn't even finish a bottle at any of his meals, it hurt too much to suck on the nipples (at one point, realizing he hadn't even had 10oz of fluid today, I decided to feed him his bottle via a measuring cup with a spout on the side, which seemed to work). So yeah... I didn't take him to the library this week because he was just too miserable and fussy. At one point while I was dozing on the couch in the morning he crawled over to me after playing for a bit and wanted up, just to snuggle with me as he chewed on binky while I held and comforted him. Poor little guy =(

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