It's August 1st...

and you know what that means - a look back at the goals I set for last month and time to make new goals for this month!

(BTW, where DID July go!?)

July's Goals:
1. Take part in Bloggerstock - check!
See yesturday's post for the July Bloggerstock details

2. Take part in the 30 Days of Me meme - nada!
I was all excited to do this one... and then I had little to no actual computer access for the first half of the month so I kinda decided to put this one hold.

3. Exercise 20 min a day for 3 days a week - nope!
Yeah... I started out fine at the beginning of the month, but that only lasted like a week or 2 and then I just flat out forgot.

4. Finish Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and start another fiction book - nope!
While I did read a bit more, it's one of those books that I can't seem to get myself to just pick it up, but once I do, I have to section I'm reading (which has several chapters in it). I'm not sure what it is... it's definitely an interesting read, that's for sure! I think it might have to do with that it's a period book and not modern day - you'd think that wouldn't make a difference but some reason it does to me... not sure why either! I did skim through a few more pregnancy/baby books though this month!

5. Go to the water park and float in the Lazy River - not yet!
Hasn't happened... yet! I'm determined to do this by the end of the summer though!

6. By another latch hook template - check!
I did do this one and I got it 40% off thanks to Hobby Lobby's weekly coupon! It's a bit bigger than the last one I did, but it's cute - it's 2 kitties - one orange and one that kinda looks like Tiger - sitting on a fence with a starry sky. I already started on it too, but haven't gotten too far yet.

7. Finish my panels for over the store - no...
Still haven't done this one. I'm not sure what it is, I just haven't been motivated to finish the last panel =(

8. Get back in the habit of Music Shuffle Mondays - check!
I had a bit of a rough start at the beginning of the month but once I had regular internets back, this one was an easy one to do.

9. Make it to Ultrasound Day - check!
Yep, did that - you can read all about it here.

10. Tell my bosses I'm pregnant - check!
Did that the day after the ultrasound, via showing them the ultrasound photos.

So, now... goals for August!

1. Start the 30 Days of Me meme
2. Ride that dang Lazy River at the water park
3. At least make an appointment with the bank for home loan pre-approval take 3 if not actually go to it this month
4. Exercise 20 minutes a day, twice a week
5. Finish Abe Lincoln Vamp Hunter finally
6. Start on my new "creative" project - I'd rather wait to show/post what it is once I do it =)
7. Finish my stove panels finally
8. Have a nice, fun birthday (26 on the 29th! Eww, I'll be that much closer to 30!)


  1. These are good, do-able goals! I hope you manage to do them all! xx

  2. I like the goals - I might need to start doing this by month. And I like the 30 days of Me - that will be fun!

  3. uh oh. have you been afraid of the lazy river all this time? ;) time to face your fears of slow-moving water!

  4. haha no, not afraid - just haven't had the chance or opportunity to go yet, which is sad because I really really want to go float down it for a bit this summer =(


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