Baby Showers and more

Wow, just realized I haven't posted in this blog at all for August yet - my bad!

We have our next doctor's appointment a week from today, at 14 weeks, 1 day. We're going to be having another ultrasound, but while I'm sure they'll let us see the kiddo, this one is actually to take a look at my cervix and make sure there won't be any complications when it's time to deliver as I had the LEEP procedure done almost 2 years ago (in December) and they just want to make sure it's open enough and not closed or shortened or anything strange.

When exactly does the 1st trimester end and the 2nd trimester begin? I thought 13 weeks was the beginning of the 2nd trimester, but I've also read online that says it's 14 weeks, or even 16 weeks!

I went to a baby shower over the weekend - not for myself, no, that's waaaaay too soon! It was for my husband's 2nd cousin's wife, as they're expecting their first, a little girl they believe (as far as the U/S technician could tell, as the baby was being difficult, straddling the cord at one point and not facing the right direction another), near the end of October.

Hubby and I got them this Johnson & Johnnson gift set that has lotion, shampoo, and other goodies in it; a cute hooded towel and a set of wash clothes with a little star shaped cloth toy; a rattle that was on their list as well as a 3 pack of teethers they asked for. I also got them the book "Love You Forever" as they had a bunch of books on their list and that was one of my favorites to read with my mom when I was a kid. When I saw she had the Johnson and Johnson gift set on their list I had to get it for them as that's our last name and thought it was amusing - hubby and I joked about telling our kiddo that it's named just for them! hehe...

She had only registered at Babies R Us, but after taking the advice of my mom (who suggested that when we make our registry to check out Target and Walmart as they carry a lot of the exact same stuff but for better prices) I printed out her list and went to Target. Sure enough, I got several items that were the exact same ones on her registry for at least $1 less if not more, as well as a few comparable items to what she had listed.

I had fun shopping though this time around, as I was taking all the baby stuff in, getting ideas for when we do our registry later this fall.

She had 3 other pregnant ladies at her shower, including myself, and got us each gifts too! My bag had this cute little white onesie with yellow trim and ducky feet; a set of plastic toy keys; a nightlite, and 2 Winnie the Pooh bibs. It was all really cute!

And when I came home, my Infantino ecoSash Baby Carrier I had won last month was waiting for me! It definitely looks like something we'll get use out of, that's for sure!

Looks like I might have to go maternity clothes shopping soon, since they're starting to get stuff in for fall. I also wore my pair of tan cloth capri's yesturday and could barely fasten them, which is kinda sad, as those are really comfy! Right now I think I'm down to my jeans and my jean capri's fitting, and a few of my tops are starting to look a bit tight too. I also need to get a new jacket for winter since mine was a little snug last year - there's no way I could get it to zip over my bump this winter! I'll also need new boots too as the only pair I have are heels and yeah... probably a bad idea to wear those when I'm 6-9 months preggo!

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