Music Shuffle Monday 08.16.10

http://www.veryicon.com/icon/png/Media/iPod,%20Therefore%20I%20Am/iPod%20Mini%20Blue.png1. "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor
This one brings back memories of pep band in high school as it was one of our favorites to play during football and basketball seasons. Being that I played the oboe, which really isn't a marching/pep band instrument and no one seems to make sheet music for it, I always ended up playing off the flute part or the keyboard part, pending which version fit my range better.

2. "Ostego Amigo" by Static X
On every album they have an "Ostego"-named track - this is one for their 4th album, "Start a War". This album was part of my regular car CD player rotation for summer 2005, along with "With Teeth" by Nine Inch Nails. I've said plenty of times when they pop up on this summer - Static X is definitely one of my favorite bands and I love seeing them live as they always put on a great, fun show!

3. "Tug-O-War" by Chevelle
This sounds like typical Chevelle as I'm more familiar with their singles than I am their individual albums. Gotta admit though, I never really got too into them. Sure I like some of their songs, and hubby has all their albums, but they're not one of my favorites - a lot of their songs sound the same to time.

4. "Insomnia" by Faithless
This song is from the Night at the Roxbury soundtrack and until I got it, I had never known what this song was called or who it was by, but I realized that during the 90s, VH1 used it often for some of their specials (most notably the fashion show specials). You've probably heard it at some point too as the one riff in this electronic/techno/dance piece is pretty familiar and was used quite a bit in the 90s if I recall correctly.

5. "Fadeaway" by Celldweller
Celldweller (aka Klayton) is one of my favorite solo artists - he blends electronics with rock for a unique industrial-type sound. And he's got a pretty good voice... and is kinda hot considering he's in his 40s! I believe I've shared before, but I first heard of Celldweller while cleaning the theater that was playing The Hills Have Eyes 2 as one of his songs was part of the closing credits. I loved it, went home and looked it up and ended up getting all his discography. While cleaning through some stuff, I came across a sample CD and free ticket for Celldweller I had acquired from the people that stand outside the House of Blues after shows and pass you free stuff for other artists. This CD and ticket were 2 years old by this point, but the CD had a few of the songs I had just gotten. I also learned that Celldweller did the Criss Angel Mindfreak theme and a lot of the music used in the show, as Criss and Klayton were in a group called Angeldust together and got to be good friends (they've recently posted pics of Criss showing Klayton around Vegas on their Twitters). He's talking of doing another tour soon - I'm hoping to catch him when he comes back to Chicago, as I would LOVE to him do his thing live!


  1. You played the oboe?? AWESOME, I did for 6 years =) I did color guard in marching band.

  2. haha yep! Started in 5th grade band - I couldn't get a note out of the flute or any of the single reed instruments, but I had no problem with the oboe and the double reed!

    I played all throughout Jr. High and High School and then for the first year and a half at NIU I did University Band until I got too busy working nights at the paper =)


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