It's a WoW Fashion Show!

To be honest, I haven't played much the last week or so - I got really into playing the Goblins in the Cataclysm Beta but then after I got out of the starting zones, I just haven't had a desire to play/explore more in the Beta, let alone in the current version of WoW.

Bethany of Sorority Girl Plays WoW, whom I mentioned before is new to the game and I love reading her awe-like wonder as she learns how to play and finds her way around in game, often shows off her character's outfits. I thought it would be a fun post this week to show off some of my favorite outfits that my toons have. Being on a RP server where there was an active RP community once upon a time, saving gear and putting together outfits for different occasions was pretty common back then and I've gotten in the habit of saving some of my favorite pieces of gear and making outfits out of them just for fun!

Check out my stash of clothes for Flour, Sam, Yarris and Nailed after the jump

First up, is Flourentine (aka Flour, pronounced like Flor), my 80 Ret Pally who was also my first character my "main" for about 4 years.

Here is Flour's current "regular" gear that she can usually be found in right now:

She is wearing mostly Tier7 gear out of Naxx with various other pieces from Ulduar and heroic ToC5 and ICC5 instances. Also she is wearing the [Tabard of Flame] which is an epic tabard you get off a loot card in the official WoW Trading Card game. I bought a starter kit and a few extra packs, but didn't get any loot cards so I went on eBay and paid $20 for this little ingame item. I wanted a tabard on her that I could wear with pretty much any gear and was having trouble finding one in game until I learned of this one and wanted it.

And here is Flour on her Ironforge Ram:
I got my epic level 60 paladin mount shortly after I hit 60, as I had started gathering mats for the quest in my level 50s, however eventually they added this "glow" cloud to the mount that really looked more like a stench cloud. I always thought the ram mounts looked pretty cool though so I started saving up and turning in runecloth to get Exalted rep with Ironforge so I could get a fuzzy Ram of my own. The day I got mine, they also made it easier to get the PVP BattleRam too, but I didn't like that one as much - I wanted a "real" Ironforge Ram. I'm proud of my rammie as I worked hard to get him!

Here are several fun outfits I put together for Flour:
This red and gold outfit is put together from the [Corsair's Shirt] that drops off Van Cleef in Deadmines, while the legs are the epic [Legplates of Blazing Light] that drop in AQ40. They were a pair of plate healing legs that I used for my healing set - at the time in my guild, I was the only active female raiding paladin - the rest were male toons and they looked pretty funny in these short shorts! The boots are a pair of green-level ones I bought off the auction house awhile back.

These are a few "peasant" outfits I put together for her finding various skirts and tops to match them. She also has a [Hanzo Sword] which was a rare 1-handed sword in Vanilla WoW as it was a random world drop. The price on them got to be a bit high, but I either found one or found a great deal on one and had to use it as my "RP" weapon. Also, there is Flour's pet Worg Pup, which is obtained by doing a quest you get in the Burning Steppes that has you capture one of the pups while big Worg Halycon is distracted in the LBRS (Lower Blackrock Spire) instance.

This is the Brewfest dress (on the left) from the Brewfest yearly event, with Worptinger pet (it's like a rabbit but funnier looking), and on the right is the [Mooncloth Robe] that Flour wore for her RP wedding once upon a time. I didn't like the ingame wedding dress so I gathered the mats and had this one made. I also had white gloves and shoes too. That's my pet Prairie Dog I got a long time ago - it's a pet found in horde territory that you can usually find on one of the neutral auction houses.

Here's some "holiday" outfits I've obtained over the years:
We got Christmas, with one of my penguin pets (I also have a little reindeer and a little red gnome dubbed "Santa's Little Helper"); The red dress you get from the Valentine's Day quest chain with my pet Egbert; and the Thanksgiving pilgrim outfit with the plump turkey pet.

Here's me in my Lawbringer (Tier 1 paladin set) gear which is a set you obtain off the different bosses in Molten Core - we always referred to the shoulders as "banana shoulders" and this is what I often wore for healing, as I have my [Aurastone Hammer] and my [Red Dragonscale Protector] which you get out of Blackwing Lair (aka BWL). That's my mini Corehound pet too, which you get when you attach an authenticator to your account.

And this is me in my Judgment (Tier 2 paladin set) gear which you obtain off bosses in Blackwing Lair, with the helm off Onyxia (there's is now a level 80 version as they've made Ony now a level 80 boss) with a few other pieces I wore for DPS at the time. The Judgement set by far has been the coolest set they've ever made for Paladins - they have yet to come up with a gear set that looks as cool. That's my Onyxia whelping pet in the picture too.

Here's a picture of Flour back when my guild first started running Molten Core in our alliance group. She's wearing mostly the Tier .5 dungeon gear called Soulforge (which is originally the Tier 0 level 60 dungeon set Soulforge but you upgrade to Soulforge via a long tedious quest chain), as well as pieces from the Zul'Gurab (ZG) reputation set by collecting rep and items in the raid instance. Those shiny awesome pants are from AQ20, and that lovely silly mace is [Finkle's Lava Dredger] which I got on a previous tag along run in Molten Core (it's off Major Domo - the 2nd to last boss) when I went with a friend's high end guild who farmed the instance - it was my first raid epic item. Notice her hairstyle change too - back then she had a ponytail. When the Barber Shop feature was introduced, she decided to let her hair down.

Next up is Sammarah - my blue haired Night Elf rogue whom I refer to as Sam or Sammy. I plan on faction changing her to a goblin sometime after the next expansion comes out.

Sammy is an engineer and crafted her own flying mount - this mini airplane:

She also thinks she's a pirate, hence the outfit and her bird seen here:

And here's a neat tribal dress I found for her long ago!

And here's my Night Elf druid Boomkin, Yarris

This is how she looks when she's not in Boomkin form, with darker green hair and tribal markings on her face. That's the 5 piece Tier 9 caster druid set bought via Triumph tokens (with the helm hidden, as it's a hooded helm with a bird-like face). Speaking of birds, I finally got her epic flight form so she turns into a purple armored birdie when I need to fly somewhere. Since Sammarah already had the fast, epic cat mount, and I had the reputation with Stormwind, for Yarris I decided to get an epic white armored horse for her ground mount.

Here's several fun dresses and outfits I've found (some of which she wore for awhile):

And here is my Blood Elf (Belf) Huntress Nailed, with her pet Springpaw kitty Hammered. She also has a few novelty pets, her favorites being the Obsidian Hatchling (a baby raptor which you can buy from a vendor in Dalaran) and a Silver Dragonhawk Hatchling bought in her homelands of Eversong Woods. She also has the PVP Battle Raptor mount as her ground mount, witha red armored Wind Rider for her epic flying mount (Flour has the alliance Gryphon version, but prefers her Bronze Drake instead).

Here's some other fun outfits of hers:
Brewfest, anyone? That's the Worptingerpet and she's got dual beersteins in her hands.

I have plenty of other toons too, my only other high level aside from level 60ish DK's is my warrior Atreyuu, but the only really neat set she has somewhere in her bags is a full set of Twill, which were random grey pieces that dropped off trash mobs in the level 60 instances such as UBRS, Scholo and Strat. It's that exciting though, as it's just a brown set of cloth gear.

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