To be an innocent Noob again...

 Last week, hubby showed me this pretty amusing video on TankSpot (despite the name, there's all kinds of WoW related information on TankSpot aside from just tanking).

Anyways, in this video, it shows a Noob's experience with the game, filled with some cute, clever and fun commentary!

Speaking of newbies to the game, thanks to TradeChat on Twitter (which if you're a WoWer, I recommend following her on there, whether or not you follow her YouTube channel, as she posts some interesting WoW-related things from time to time), I was introduced to Bethany and her blog Sorority Girl Plays WoW.

Bored this summer inbetween her job search, sorority girl Bethany's boyfriend (and 5 1/2 year WoW veteran) Nick suggested she play WoW with him. Having never played video games before, she decided to create a blog to chronicle her adventures in learning the game, day by day. It's pretty amusing and refreshing reading about someone and their experiences as they explore the game and all it has to offer, learning about talent trees and spells, etc. Considering she's playing a paladin and that was my first character too, it brings back a lot of memories for me of my noob days, especially as my boyfriend at the time was teaching me the ropes of the game too!

Feel free to check out her blog - Sorority Girl Plays WoW - and feel free to leave her comments with helpful advice!


  1. Haha, that BFF Report was really funny. I'll have to check out some of his other stuff.

    Having never played WoW before, I'd be kind of hesitant to be a noob in an old game that it seems everyone plays already. But I guess it doesn't take too long to get up to speed? Maybe?

  2. My husband guilted me into playing WoW on a trial period last summer. I was surprised to find I enjoyed it. I actually blogged about it...



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