My current dilemma - suggestions?

So, I have a bit of a dilemma.

Last week, I got the check from Mary Kay HQ for the remaining inventory I had that I returned. Now it's just slightly short of how much is left on the MK Visa I opened, but it covers a good chunk of how much I have left on it.

https://www.chase.com/ccpmweb/card_servicing/image/MK-Visa-Rwds-2008.jpgAlso, last week I just added about $230 onto it when we purchased our tickets to a Cowboys game when we visit Dallas this fall, as we learned they went on sale a few weeks earlier than we thought and wanted to buy em early because 1) the game we're going to is against the main Cowboy's rivals the Giants, and it's a Monday Night nation-wide televised game so it's likely to sellout and 2) if we waited and it did sell out, we'd have to pay a lot more for tickets than we did and aside from hanging out with Jeny for a few days, going to the game is kinda one of the main highlights of our trip down there. Anyways, hubby has always said we'd have the money to cover the tickets (which we ended up paying about $15-20 more each as we had to get em via Stub Hub) at the end of this month, so that's no biggie as I can pay off the tickets when I make my next payment on the card in a few weeks.

So, my original plan was to just take the check I got from MK and put it all in my account and pay off as much as I could of the card, and then pay the rest off within the next month or so.

Well, hubby has now asked several times if I would be interested in taking the check I got and buying myself a new laptop with it.

I know I've mentioned before, I have an older Mac Powerbook (just over 6 years old now) that I've been able to upgrade from the Leopard OS to the Tiger OS, but I'm still like 2 OS's behind now (I think). I also spent $300 on it like 2 years ago to replace the keyboard, as playing too much WoW for several years straight kinda wore out some of the keys (the Apple store guy noticed the WoW icon on my desktop when he looked at it, asked if I played a lot and was like "yep, that's probably what did it... I've gone through several keyboards myself!"). It still works pretty good though, however for gaming, it's a little slow as it is old and like I've mentioned before, the internal part that the power cord plugs into is on the verge of death - unless it's positioned a certain way, half the time it won't read the power cord and charge.

So hubby and I were talking in the past several times about getting me something decent like a Dell laptop or something for $500 or less that I could use for gaming so we could both play at the same time (the past 9 months or so I've been using his Desktop when he's not on it).

So, what should I do?

Pay the card down like I originally intended or buy myself a new laptop?

http://www.carolinawoman.com/images/stressed-woman-cartoon.jpgThe thing is, the laptop isn't something I need right now - it's more like something I might need closer to winter when the Cataclysm expansion for WoW comes out. Right now hubby works enough that I have plenty time to play without him around wanting to use the computer too (kinda why I wanted to reactive my WoW account, as I was getting kinda bored around here during the day and sometimes at night).

Also, the card isn't really hurting my credit any at this point either - they just upped my credit limit to like $2000, and my balance is definitely under half that, which the bank told us that if your balance on a loan or credit card is less than half the credit limit then you have nothing to worry about, as it then counts as revolving credit (so long as you've made all your payments) which actually helps build your credit score up. I'm just tired of paying it off all the time - it was partly why I quit MK, as I felt like all I was doing was paying this stuff off and ordering more rather than actually making any money.


What would you do if you were in my shoes?


  1. Well if I were in your shoes, I would pay off the credit card, because I'm perhaps too neurotic about avoiding loans and debt and interest payments. I even paid in full for my car when I bought it. Heaven help me when it's time for me to get a house and a mortgage.

    But it seems like you have a pretty good understanding of these things, so I'm sure you'd be fine either way. I'm not sure how all the amounts work out, but it sounds like you'd be able to pay off your credit card now, and then if you decide to at a later date, you can still buy a new laptop then (I'm assuming that if you have the resources to buy one now, you'd be able to buy one, say, in two months, whether with the credit card or whatever--but I could be wrong with that assumption). This would help delay your need to make a decision--something I specialize in as well :)

  2. I would definitely pay off the card now, and aim to get the laptop later. You said yourself you don't really need it right now. I'd prefer the comfort of knowing I don't have to worry about my credit.

  3. It's best to get rid of the balance owing towards your credit card and worry about replacing your laptop later. At least that stress will be off your mind.

  4. I would pay off the credit card too. Too many times I've charged something (once, a $600 car repair) with the intention of paying it off much sooner than I actually did. It's just best to get that out of the way as soon as possible. Put money to the side and save up for the laptop to buy later =)


What's your thoughts?