Meet our kiddo!!

Okay, so I said I was going to keep the baby/pregnancy-related posts on this blog to a minimum, so as to not drive some of you who are away (cuz I'm sure not all of you started reading my blog for that stuff), but here's one of the few baby-related posts I'll make on here (I have a separate baby blog for those that are interested in following that).

Here's one of our first ultrasound photos:

Meet Jaydran (Jay) Alexander if a boy or Alexandria (Alexi) Nicole if a girl!

The official estimated due date that the doctor's office is going by is Feb 20, 2011, but we all know how these things can go - the kiddo can be either late or early.

Baby is 3.49cm (~1.4inches) long and has a heartbeat of 180bpm - the doctor's office said everything is in the normal range, so that's good!

It was pretty amusing - the kiddo was wiggling around and moving A LOT, like it was having a little party in my uterus. It's like it was like "oh! Mommy and daddy are watching - I wanna make sure they see me so I'm going to dance around all crazy-like!" hehehehe... too cute!

Funny (geeky) story about the name Jaydran - hubby came up with it awhile back as sci-fi-ish name (he writes sci-fi stories and hopes to have em published someday) and actually used it for the name of his Draenei Shaman in WoW. When we were talking about having kids and names and stuff awhile back (like our first few months of marriage) he had suggested it for a boy, but I immediately veto'd it - who names their kid the same name as their character, right? Well... after thinking about it some more, especially when we started trying and soon after we found out, it had grown on me and I brought up to him, as I know he likes the name a lot so we decided to go with it and it works pretty well for a boy, we think.


  1. wow congrats! HOw exciting!

  2. Jaydran is a cool name. Especially if the baby has a common last name; all three of my names are super common, and I'm a little bitter about it...hence me choosing "Eleni" as an alias.

    On its back with its feet up reminds me a little of a sea otter, haha. Don't worry, that's a good thing! Pretty amazing. Congrats.

  3. Thanks!

    I'm not really too crazy about "common" names - I like them to be a little different.

    The one angle they held the ultrasound thingy was like a head on shot, where you could see both legs moving around and both arms moving too, like it was trying to get our attention all crazy-like! it was amusing and too cute!

  4. Such an exciting time, congrats! I'm fond of names that aren't "average" names. Every class I was ever in had about six other Jessicas, so obviously I'm all for being original!

  5. Congrats once again! I like how in the US you can actually make out the features, and it's not like when Ross and Rachel went on Friends. I'm always afraid seeing the US will be a similar experience.

    And also, kudos on the names. Uncommon but not weird is always good. Plus I <3 the name Alexander for a boy. It's my current #1 choice for a first name. (But that's b/c I love Xander on Buffy.)


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