The 2010 Emmy Noms are here - what are your thoughts?

Eleni at RPG Called Life just made a post this afternoon that reminded me - the 2010 Primetime Emmy Nominations were announced today!

I thought I'd share how my favorites did and who I'm rooting for in the major categories. (For the record, I'm once again using my unreliable Powerbook, but we did order a power supply today so our desktop PC should be up and running again Tuesday!)

The big news is that Glee got 19 nominations! Holy cow, that's a lot! I started watching about halfway through the season, having gotten caught up on the series right around its spring return. It's a good show, however I find it being labeled as a comedy a bit strange, as it's more a drama with some humor thrown in.


Also nominated for best comedy are The Office, 30 Rock, Modern Family, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Nurse Jackie. Can't say I heard of Nurse Jackie and the only episode of Curb that I've seen was the rumored Seinfeld reunion one and I wasn't really impressed. 30 Rock I watch from time to time but it's one that I don't follow weekly. Modern Family I've gotten to see quite a bit of and the show's actually pretty! And of course I'm a fan of The Office.

The majority of Best Comedy Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Comedy Actor/Actress come Modern Family and Glee.

http://moderateinthemiddle.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/tb-s2-cast.jpgThe nominees for best drama are pretty predictable - Dexter, The Good Wife, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Lost and my favorite, True Blood. Honestly, this category could go any way - I've heard great things about Mad Men, Breaking Bad is supposed to be really good, and many love Dexter and True Blood.

The majority of Best Drama Actor/Actress and Best Supporting Drama Actor/Actress come from Dexter, Mad Men, Lost, and The Good Wife.

HBO's The Pacific is nominated for Best Miniseries against only 1 other nominee, so it's pretty safe to say it'll win that one - this is another one I've heard really good things about.

South Park also got nominated for another Emmy, this time for their controversial 200th (as well as the 201st) episode that had everyone up in arms over the supposed depiction of Mohammad as a bear (although the joke was that really it was Santa or something in the bear suit... I missed the last batch of episodes before the summer break).

It's interesting to note that Conan O'Brien submitted himself for nomination for his short-lived hosting duty on the Tonight Show (something TBS really pushed for) and got it, while the NBC submitted Tonight Show with Jay Leno didn't make the cut. Conan is up against Steven Colbert, John Stewart, Bill Maher and SNL for Best Variety, Music or Comedy show.

Mike O'Malley is nominated for his reoccurring guest role as Kurt's dad on Glee (for the episode Wheels, where he insists the school let his son audition for the "Defying Gravity" lead) as well as Neil Patrick Harris for his guest role as Bryan Ryan in the Glee episode "Dream On" (which was an awesome performance and duet!). Kristin Chenoweth is also nominated for her reoccurring guest role as April Rhodes on Glee (for the episode The Rhodes Not Taken, where she temporarily rejoins the Glee club). Betty White too is nominated for the Best Comedy Guest Star category, for her hosting stint on SNL.

The all the Modern Family adults received nominations, except for Ed O'Neill, which was kind of a surprise.

http://cdn.wg.uproxx.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/community-cast.jpgI'm a bit surprised at how Community got completely snubbed - I really think Glee should have been listed in the drama category, making room in the comedy categories for Community. It would have been nice to have seen Joel McHale nominated for Best Comedy Actor, Community nominated for Best Comedy, with at least Gillian Jacobs nominated for Best Supporting Actress and either Chevy Chase, Ken Jeong, or Danny Pudi nominated for Best Supporting Actor. It truly is the funniest, best new sitcom of this past TV season - anyone that has watched it tends to say the same thing. It's also interesting to note that on the Official Emmy Gallery, there's quite a bit of photos of the Community cast as well... yet they weren't nominated for anything.

http://annskywalker.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/191515__entourage_l.jpgI'm also surprised that there were no nominations for Entourage either - I would have guessed a nomination for Jamie-Lynn Seigler at least for her reoccurring guest role last season as Turtle's girlfriend. Or even a supporting role nom for Rex Lee as Lloyd, as the character really took a stand this past season. Kinda surprised to see that Entourage got absolutely nothing this year.

Also snubbed was the cast of True Blood - yes, they got nominated for Best Drama, but individually, a lot of people saying Michelle Forbes should have gotten a nom for her portrayal of the evil maenad Mariann Forester, citing there weren't many other actresses that really got into the role like she did.

The Emmy's air on Sunday, August 29 (my birthday!) on NBC and are hosted by Jimmy Fallon this year.

What are your thoughts? 
Are you happy with the nominations? 
Do you feel any shows are more deserving than others? 
Are there some you're surprised didn't make the cut?
Who do you think will win?


  1. I would be thrilled if any of the people in the shows I watch won, but there are a few competing with each other in a category. Chris Colfer is really great, but I'd love for NPH to finally win for Barney. Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn have both won already, so I'd be happy for either of them.

    I forgot to mention the Variety/Comedy show race, but I love both Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, and I didn't watch Conan on the Tonight Show but I like what I've seen of him, so I support him too. That one's a tough choice.

    Maybe I should check out Community. My brother really likes it, too, but I remember seeing the promos before it came out and thinking they weren't funny, so I never bothered tuning in. And I definitely need to catch up on True Blood at some point.

    I have read articles by people saying they should have a dramedy category. The Golden Globes' two categories are "Drama" and "Musical or Comedy", so in that case Glee is clearly in the latter. But I still think it should be in the comedy category for the Emmys, because when you compare it to something like Mad Men, it's totally a comedy. It may not have a laugh track to remind you it's funny, but it tries for multiple laughs in every scene (whether or not it succeeds is another issue). Sitcoms are always clear comedies, but shows like Glee, Ugly Betty, and Desperate Housewives slip in to the comedies category because humor is really a driving factor in the shows. Shows like House may have funny moments, but they're not as crucial to the show as a whole.

    Anyway, a dramedy category would be nice, as it would give the "true" comedies and comedic actresses/actors a fairer race. But then that would be a lot of categories (I mean, the Oscars don't even make the drama/comedy distinction).

  2. Are there any current shows these days that still use laugh tracks? The only one that comes to mind is that two and a half men show and I haven't been too impressed by that one - does How I Met Your Mother? If so, must be a CBS thing cuz I know NBC's Thursday Comedy Block (Community, Parks & Rec, The Office, 30 Rock) doesn't and I know ABC's Wednesday Comedy Block (The Middle, Modern Family, and I think Cougartown) doesn't either.

    You're right though - Glee and Ugly Betty, etc clearly aren't as dramatic as say House or Mad Men or True Blood or any of the dramas on TNT... Dramedy would be a much better fit - I think Entourage would go in that one pretty well too... and Pushing Daises probably would have as well. I'm sure there's enough shows to fill that category, I think they should totally go for it! When I think Comedy I think of most the other shows in that category, like The Office or 30 Rock or Modern Family, etc... Glee's not one that comes to mind as a comedy for me as it's much more subtle with more dramatic storylines.


What's your thoughts?