Shopping fun

Yesturday (Tuesday) I ran some errands after work as I ripped my jean capri's the other day and need another pair. I ended up all over the place trying to find a pair that didn't look like rats got ahold of em and gnawed em all up like this:

http://media.kohls.com.edgesuite.net/is/image/kohls/618673?wid=1000&hei=1000&op_sharpen=1 http://media.kohls.com.edgesuite.net/is/image/kohls/580817?wid=1000&hei=1000&op_sharpen=1 

Why do designers keep making these?? Seriously, I found one where one of the pant legs was ripped/torn/shredded soooo bad the thing didn't even look wearable! Why would anyone in their right mind spend good money on a pair of bottoms like that when you can just take a knife or pair of scissors to em yourself at home? I don't get it... and I found it very annoying that finding a cute pair that wasn't purposely ripped, torn or shredded to death was rare and near impossible!

Anyways, one of the first places I stopped at was Kohl's and I found a few items there, including these 2 summer tanky halters that have built in boob support (right now, I LOVE these kind of tops, as my boobs are so sore and I can't comfortably wear a bra for more than a few hours)

http://media.kohls.com.edgesuite.net/is/image/kohls/631802_Black?wid=1000&hei=1000&op_sharpen=1 http://media.kohls.com.edgesuite.net/is/image/kohls/631801?wid=1000&hei=1000&op_sharpen=1 

As I approached the registers I noticed the stuffed animals for charity display were Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore. I paused and looked... they were too cute. And only $5. I figured for $5, with all proceeds going towards children's health and education it would be worth it.

I bought our baby its first stuffed animal:


He's super cute and super soft! I can't wait to give him to the kiddo! 
(And no, his eyes are not plastic, they're a fabric material attached to the rest of him)

I figure I might go back and get the Pooh at some point, but I have more than enough Tigger's so I doubt we need to get him, but maybe I will... as these guys are really soft - perfect for a baby - and only $5 for charity!

I'm thinking if we have a boy I'm going to do my Mario idea for the theme of the room and if we have a girl, maybe we can do Winnie the Pooh and I can paint the 100 Acre Woods on one of the walls. I think either would be cute and Eeyore can work with either - just cuz a boys room might be Mario themed, doesn't mean he can't have other stuffed animals laying around, and if we have a girl, well, this will be perfect for it!

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