I'm baaaaack

We got our PC back last night, as the new power supply arrived Monday evening and one of hubby's co-workers dropped it off yesturday and brought it home and hooked up last night before heading off to UPS for the night.

So, we now return to your regularly scheduled posting! Yay!

Feels good to be back, as much I got used to using my phone to read blogs, post on Facebook and Twitter, check my email, and surf the web I like having a big screen, as after awhile, reading on my phone starts to give me a headache. Plus, I don't like typing more than a Twitter or Facebook status on my phone, as it takes longer to type out a post on there than it does using an actual normal keyboard.

That said, expect me to be commenting more on your posts (those of you that I read) as well as responding more to the comments on my posts here.

In other news...

Hubby and I reactivated our WoW accounts last night (well, okay, it was early this morning, which is really still night time for us). It only took maybe 3 minutes to update and patch everything.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_utpn85k5ndo/S6kDD58AjvI/AAAAAAAAAKg/al0aeux5keA/s1600/warcraftwednesdays-logo.gifWe were talking a few months back with a friend about coming back soon before Cataclysm comes out (which sounds like it'll be roughly about 2 years exactly after this last expansion did, as the Beta timing is similar too - they'll probably announce the official release date next month at Blizzcon) and were discussing about just farming for gold so we're not broke come expansion, getting our alts and professions leveled up, etc rather than focus on raiding for now. It'd be a simple way to kill time for the next few months. My druid, hunter and rogue all have at least 1 profession that still isn't maxed out: my druid needs her epic flying since I'm planning on playing her first in the new expansion if we go with alliance and her enchanting isn't maxed yet, my Belf hunter still needs her jewelcrafting maxed and my rogue still needs to hit 80 and max out her professions (mining and engineering), as I want to faction change her to a goblin in the expansion.

As stupid as it sounds, you put time and effort into something for 4+ years, you get a bit attached to the toons you play and it felt really good to be able to login, as I haven't really played since before the holidays even though my account didn't actually expire til Feb. 1.

I logged into my Boomkin first, who wears a mix of tier 7 & 8 gear with a few items from Heroic ToC (5man). I definitely remember how to play a Boomkin and the rotation I use which hasn't changed yet, although I know I'm a bit rusty as a healer and didn't even want to try and tackle that. I saw in Trade Chat people looking for a few more members for a 10man ToC and decided to go for it, as I never got to finish that one on my Druid. Unfortunately we were having trouble finding tanks and the group gave up looking. I quested in Icecrown for a bit, doing the chain that unlocks the Shadow Vault as apparently I didn't do much questing on my Druid in that area yet. She's got just over 2k gold - my goal for her is to get her Epic Flying before Cataclysm comes out. I was a little confused by her gear though, as I couldn't remember what stats were different in healing and dps for a Druid and there were 2 rings in my bag that I couldn't figure out why I had them.

Next, I decided to log on my pally - my first toon and was my primary toon for 4 years (save for the summer before Wrath when I played my Belf). I didn't do too much on her... her gear is all tier 7 with items mostly from Naxx and the early instances of this expansion, as I switched to my Druid and found a raid guild on her since my pally's broke up. She's got epic flying with max professions (herbalism and alchemy) so I don't really have much to do on her these days. No one was online in my guild or on my friends list though so I logged over to my Belf.

She's guildless - wtf?! I know her guild is still active as the GL was recruiting on the realm forums for more members... we told him we were taking a break from the game and that we'd be on hiatus til it was closer to Cataclysm. All my other toons are still guilded but a family/afk rank. I'm really confused... it's not like it was a hardcore raid guild. The GL wasn't on last night when I was so, so if I see him tonight I'll be sure to ask if I can come back just as I hate being guildless, especially when the majority of my active friends hordeside were all in that guild. My hunter doesn't need much work - she's currently my best geared toon, as we were farming ToC10 when I quit and ICC was just implemented. She's got epic flying, just needs to get her Jewelcrafting maxed out.

Next I logged on my rogue. Apparently she's only level 71 - I coulda sworn she was level 72! Oh well... I did most of the Coldarra quests on her last night and got her halfway through her level. She's got the BoA leveling shoulders too which seems to help a little bit. Like I said, I want to get her to 80 before Cataclysm comes out so I can eventually faction change her to a cute little goblin - I think a rogue goblin with engineering would be pretty sweet! I just need to max her engineering up though too... I tried to find a group for Utgarde Keep via the LFG thingy but it took forever and didn't pop til I was about to log off and go to bed.

Is it just me, or did they boost a lot of things? I don't remember my Boomkin being able to 3 shot mobs before they reached me and I don't remember my rogue being able to take out 3 mobs before she needed to eat/bandage. Craziness...

I accepted my friend's request to be Real ID friends, although her and 1 other person are the only ones I'd intend to actually use it with. I also filled out the email form to update the account holder's name on my account, as it's still in my maiden name and not my married name - my maiden name is too uncommon (Googling only brings up me), whereas my married name is much more common, however after attaching all the documents and filling out the official Blizzard Support email form, it sent the thing back to me, wtf?! Grrrr... guess I'm gonna have to find out what's up with that now. Supposidly with the Real ID thing in game, friends of your friend can also see your name, which kinda creeps me out. Also, there's a hack/exploit with the Real ID thing where anyone can use it to pull your name off the Real ID tag by typing in the hack/exploit and you would never know. That creeps me out as like I said, there's a few jerks on my server that clearly don't like me.

Anyways, I played for a few hours last night and got off soon after hubby got home from work. He then got on and well, he was still playing when I went to sleep. He had to be up by 9:45 for a conference call and when I woke up around 10, he had his bluetooth on and was still playing... he didn't get off til about 230pm! I asked him if he ever went to bed - he says he got about 5 hours of sleep, but we were discussing lunch about 2 hours ago and he passed out on me and is still napping... oh well, I ate!

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