July and Goals

At the beginning of June, I put together a list of goals for the month. Now that the month is over, let's see how I did.

 1. Read 2 books this month
Didn't quite finish this one - I did read Preparing for a Healthy Baby and I've skimmed the majority of What to Expect When You're Expecting (only chapters I haven't read in full were the months 3-9 since I'm only 6 weeks in) I also started reading Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which has been pretty good, but I kind put reading it on hold in place of the baby books this months.

2. Exercise twice a week
Yeah this didn't happen. I got on the exercise bike maybe once a week at most, but this "little bun in my oven" has been making me soooo exhausted these first few weeks I didn't want to push it too much.

3. Go swimming at least once
Yeah... no. I can't get hubby to go to the local water park with me on one of the cheap days (I *really* want to just spend an afternoon floating around the Lazy River!) and I don't particularly feel like going to the public pool by myself so this happened yet.

4. Make plans to go to a concert
I made plans... and then they fell through. There's a story with this one:

I mentioned last month about going to see Powerman5000 in Madison with my brother in laws. I mentioned it to them in May and confirmed it with them 3 weeks prior to the date, saying we'd figure out the driving situation when it got closer cuz at the time I wasn't sure if hubby would decide to go or if anyone else was tagging along. So the week before I send both of them messages, just confirming the details. I hear back 5 days prior to the show from one of them that they can't go - they got work and then probably band practice that Saturday night so yeah. Then I find out the show on Sunday in Elgin got bumped from 21+ to all ages and let them know, as the main reason we were going to Madison was because the one brother is only 20 and the Madison show was 18+. I let them know, they mull it over I guess and then the one tells me he doesn't think they'll be able to. Kinda irked me cuz 1)they confirmed it over a month before the show 2)I was REALLY looking forward to going 3)I knew on Sunday they were off work by 7 and since Powerman wasn't going on stage til 10 that was more than enough time to make it to Elgin (it's an hour from here). But whatever... hubby knew I was bummed out and after hearing me being bummed about it he offered to go with me, which was a nice gesture, but I know how much he hates going to concerts in smaller venues. We talked about it and since I had just found out 2 days before that show that I'm preggers I decided the evening would be better spent at home with hubby being responsible and watching the True Blood premiere (hubby was really looking excited to this and was bummed that going to the show would mean we couldn't watch it til later) since I wouldn't be able to "rock out" at the show like I normally do as I'd be too conscious about the baby in my belly =)

5. Participate in Project 365
Yeah I failed miserably at this one, my 2nd attempt at it. I made it about 2 or 3 days and then I missed a day and forgot. Oops! Oh well... maybe I'll give this one a shot some other time.

6. Try something new
Does pregnancy count? lol... I finally used the blender we got as a wedding present almost 2 years ago when I made my first strawberry banana smoothie - it tasted kinda gross though and I couldn't finish it. I also used my Droid as a GPS with the Google Navigation GPS feature on it for the first time too - having a GPS thing is actually kinda cool when traveling!

7. Visit with friends
Did this one! Jeny came up from Dallas for a little over a week - I picked her up in her hometown, we drove over to DeKalb and met up with my former co-manager buddy and he took us to see Get Him to the Greek. Then we went to The Junction (best. diner. ever!) for a late dinner where we sat around and chatted for like 3 hours - it was fun! Then we dropped him and Jeny came up to Rockford with me for the night, we played some Wii before going to bed and hubby and I drove her back to her hometown the next afternoon. I also visited with my good friend that lives around here a few times - the one time was after I told her I was preggers and we spent the afternoon on her front stoop chatting while her infant baby girl bounced around in one of those bouncy seats and her 3 year old son shot "monsters" around the front yard with his Nerf gun, lol... it was pretty fun!

8. Go see Sex and the City 2 with someone
This didn't happen. Since our theaters up here got bought out by AMC, I was waiting for them to start their $5 Monday-Thursday weekday special pricing. Unfortunately, the week they started it, they also took Sex and the City out of the theater up here, so yeah... missed that one! I put it on your Netflix queue though so I guess I'll watch it at home.

So... Goals for July.

1. Take part in Bloggerstock
I heard about this back in May, but thought it was like a yearly thing and I missed the deadline. I just found out last week that it's actually a monthly thing. I signed up for July tonight, and then read the topic for it... not sure how I feel about it or what I want to choose for it, but oh well - it'll still be fun!

2. Take part in the 30 Days of Me meme
I've seen this one twice now and it seems like a fun meme. One girl I've seen is doing it daily, another I know is doing it whenever she remembers or feels like, still doing them as 30 days, but spacing them out. I might do that so I'm not making too many posts in one day - unless you guys don't mind!

3. Exercise 20 min a day 3 times a week
I let it slide in June since I was so exhausted most of the time, but all the baby books say it is important to get some cardio. They say to do 30 minutes a day several times a week, but I figure starting out with 20 minutes is doable and working up to 30, as I still find myself needing to take naps like every other day. I'm already tired enough, I don't want to wear myself out.

4. Finish Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and start another fiction book
Pretty self explanatory and definitely doable!

5. Go to the water park and float in the Lazy River
I *really* want to do this at least once this summer...

6. Buy another latch hook template
I found my old Tigger latch hook thing my grandma bought me when I was younger. I started it and over the years I got more than halfway done with it, but last week I finally finished it! I would love to start another one!

7. Finish my panels for over the stove and hang them
I have 2 of the 3 done, I just repainted the 3rd one a different base color and had to wait for it to dry and kinda forgot about it...

8. Get back in the habit of Music Shuffle Mondays
Yeah, sorry to those of you that look forward to this feature each week - I've kinda slacked on it the past 2 weeks and I really don't have a reason why. I promise to get back in the habit of this one.

9. Make it to Ultrasound day!!
Not much of a goal, but I really *can't* wait til we have our first doctor's appointment and ultrasound on July 26th where we'll get to see our kiddo for the first time. Plus, we'll be 10 weeks by then and the first trimester will be almost over and I'll be feeling a million times better about the pregnancy once I can physically see our kiddo is coming along just fine!

10. Tell my bosses I'm pregnant
Yeah, so we've told our family, I posted it on my blogs and we announced it on Facebook (although every week I'm having someone else just now realize I'm pregnant, lol... confused as to how people missed the announcement! hehe) but I haven't told any of the 3 people I work with yet. To be honest, I have no clue how to tell them or bring it up - any suggestions? (They're more than welcome!). I'm thinking of waiting til after the ultrasound and maybe just bring a copy of the photo in with me and show it to them as I put it on my desk with the rest of my photos.


  1. Great job on last month - and great goals for this month! And thanks for reminding me about Bloggerstock.. I'm going to sign up too :)

  2. I'm not so sure about this month's Bloggerstock topic either, which is why I haven't committed to joining yet ... but I'll probably end up doing it, haha. By the way, when you finish Abraham Lincolm: Vampire Hunter, I'd love to hear what you thought of it.

  3. "the baby in my belly"

    Ahhh my biggest pet peeve!

  4. I signed up for bloggerstock - never heard about it until now, but it sounds like a great way to get some traffic sent around.

    What on earth is Me Meme?

    Good luck with the list.

  5. Haha, hey, I missed the announcement!! I only check up on what I see in my news feed in a given day, so I noticed it when I saw a different status update from you. It happens!


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