My thoughts on Inception

http://www.cinemablend.com/images/news/18477/_1273247172.jpgHubby and I have both been waiting to see the new movie Inception for a few months now, as the premise looked interesting and it seemed like it had a pretty good cast. Since it came out Friday, hubby had the day off from the cell phone store, and our newly converted AMC theaters do $5 movies all day Monday through Thursday, we figured we'd go check it out today.

I was a bit worried going into it, as over the weekend I noticed on both Facebook and Twitter everyone kept saying what a "mind-fuck" (pardon the language - not sure how else to word that phrase though!) it was, and quite a bit were saying that they "didn't get it." This worried me a little as I hate seeing a movie that requires you to go back and watch it again to make sense, as these days I usually don't end up seeing it again until it's out on DVD.

We watched it though and as the credits started rolling the first thing I said to hubby was "Okay, so... I'm confused - how is it that people don't get it??"

I mean really... unless you weren't paying attention and actually watching (which then I have to ask: why are you spending money to see a movie you aren't going to watch?), how is that possible? I mean it really wasn't that hard to follow at all. Maybe it's cuz I have trippy dreams from time to time that seem to jump all over the place (although those dreams to tend resemble something you'd see in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus). But still...

It really wasn't that hard to follow. Yes, there's several things going on at once, but it all makes sense and again, it's not that hard to follow. (You can read my full review of it here on my movie blog, Movie Bits)

Hubby and I both really liked it though - it was thought provoking and pretty different from most films I can think of it. While Nolan directed the newer Batman films, this one is more reminiscent of his early film Memento, as it really makes you think and pay attention. They say he came up with the idea of Inception and wrote about 80 pages of the script nearly 10 years ago, but wanted to wait until he more experience with big budget films before making it. Glad it finally got made - it really was a great movie!

The only things that are left unanswered (without spoiling anything) are the ending, as it was purposely left open for you to decide and debate it, as well as the fact I don't recall them saying HOW Leo's character and his wife once got stuck in limbo (for those that have seen it - did you catch that? We didn't...) - he talks about their time there and the aftermath, but I don't recall them ever saying how they ended up there...

http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_l1928mtETk1qag6zco1_500.jpgI must say though, both Leo and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have really come a long way in their acting careers. Okay, so Leo's always played more serious roles (ie: This Boy's Life and What's Eating Gilbert Grape where 2 of his early films), but remember how in the mid-90s all us girls were swooning of his cuteness and good looks in Romeo + Juliet and Titanic? Yeah, over the past few years, I've really grown to be able to take accept him as a more serious actor and not just a cute teen heartthrob from my junior high days. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt - while I thought he was pretty goofy and awkward as an alien disguised as a youngster on the 90s sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun, I've really enjoyed watching him in his last few films (The Lookout, 500 Days of Summer and now Inception). I still think he looks a bit on the skinny side though - especially in his neck and shoulders, which makes seeing him in a suit look a bit weird... he could use to beef up just a tad, or at least do something to fill out his shoulders more!

I'm still undecided about Cillian Murphy though... I didn't mind him as the lead male in 28 Days Later, but he was sure creepy in both Red Eye and Batman Begins, where he played villains in both. As dumb as it sounds, I think it's his looks that bother me the most - he has big lips I just want to put lipstick or lipgloss on and kinda girlish facial figures - I mean, looking at his Wiki page, he played a transgender character in one of his films, and honestly, he looks pretty convincing as woman!

Ellen Page is just Ellen Page. Sure she was also Kitty Pride in X-Men and of course smart-talking Juno... I haven't hated her in anything I've seen her in, but I haven't really loved her either. She just... is.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_R5WS6_kmmTI/SvSCq573_hI/AAAAAAAAfG4/qwgC0ng-8jU/s400/inception_window_2.jpgIt also drove me nuts that I couldn't remember what I had seen Leo's character's wife in before, until it dawned on me after the movie that she (Marion Cotillard) was the female lead in Public Enemies. I looked her up on Wiki too, just to see what else she was in and I was amused that she played Edith Piaf in the biopic La Vie En Rose (which I haven't seen) as a mix CD one of my college french instructors gave us had several of Edith Piaf's songs on it!

Well there's one more movie I can cross me and hubby's list of "must-see's" for this summer. Left to go on it are:
  • The Expendables
    (Jason Statham... *drool*) 
  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
    (Hubby thinks this one looks too ridiculous not to see, whereas I read the first 2 graphic novels and thought they were decent, despite my annoyance that they cast Michael "I-play-the-same-awkward-teen-character-in-every-movie" Cera as the lead)
  • Machete
    (what was once a "fake" trailer made just for Grindhouse, Robert Rodriguez turned into a feature film starring the awesome Danny Trejo!)
  • Resident Evil: Afterlife
    (hubby and I both like Milla Jovovich, especially when she's kicking ass - 'nuff said!)

So what did you guys think of Inception? 
If you haven't seen it yet, do you plan on it?
If you saw it and "didn't get it," what about it didn't you "get"?


  1. LOVED IT. I'm a big Christopher Nolan fan to begin with. One of the things I love about his movies is that he leaves a lot of things open for interpretation, and I think that's why some people find them hard to swallow sometimes -- things aren't usually wrapped up neatly at the end.

    I do remember when Cobb explained how he and Mal got trapped in limbo, but it was done kind of quickly and rapid-fire. Basically they got there by experimenting with dream levels, going deeper and deeper down until they were stuck in raw subconscious, where just a couple of minutes sleeping in the "real world" is an eternity.

    For my part, I beg to differ that Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks awkward in a suit! But then, skinny guys have always been my type :P

  2. I loooooved it! It was a great movie. I don't know how people didn't get it either. I knew going in that I would need to pay attention to understand it. Which is usually hard for me after an hour, but I managed! Great acting, great plot...Great film! I can't wait until it comes out in Blu-Ray for the special features

    *swoon* I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is so hot. I hope he doesn't buff up! I like him scrawny! haha. I have a weird crush on Cilian Murphy too. I this is face is weird, but there's something about it...

  3. I loved it!! I want to see it again.. I spent the beginning of the movie trying to figure out what was going on (I didn't really understand the plot from the previews), so I am positive that I missed a lot of details.

    And I wasn't confused by it, but maybe people had trouble coping with the fact that everything wasn't being spoon fed to them. Even the slightest bit of thinking seems like a no-no nowadays.

  4. The blog and comments on here seem a little harsh to those who didn't get ALL of it! It wasn't that I didn't understand it at all - I just found myself leaning over and asking "Which level of the dream is this now? 2 or 3?" a few times when it started getting really complex.

    Rachel, as for your question of "Why pay for a movie you're not going to pay attention to?" Here's my answer - "Boyfriend wants to go see it with his friends even though I'm very tired from working all day and driving 2 hours to visit him. He's paying for my ticket and I'm going along just to simply be with him, so I must try to stay awake and pay attention." =)

  5. I finally saw Inception last night, and I LOVED it! I hadn't been to the theater in over a month because there just hadn't been anything I wanted to see, but I'd been waiting for this one for a long time.

    I liked all the actors in it. I think Ellen Page is great, and I agree that after the crazy Titanic heartthrob days Leonardo DiCaprio has been continually proving himself as a serious actor. And Joseph Gordon-Levitt still looks so young to me (to me his face looks hardly changed since 10 Things I Hate About You), but I really do admire him for his recent choices. Marion Cotillard caught everyone's attention a couple years ago when she won the Oscar for her role in La Vie En Rose.

    It was a little unclear how they got into limbo. He says that they kept going deeper and deeper, dreams in dreams in dreams, but how that puts you in limbo wasn't very well explained. I mean, *SPOILERS to anyone else reading this* the way they did it during the movie was they got killed in a dream while under too powerful sedatives. But the way one then gets out of limbo is--what--dying again? What if the sedatives haven't worn off still? Can you go into double-limbo? Or are you just guaranteed to wake up if you die in limbo? It's also a little weird because the other dreams they were going into were constructed beforehand, and populated by one specific person's subconscious. But is limbo sort of a shared subconscious thing?

    I guess there were a couple other things that I didn't fully understand. First, I wasn't sure whether a "kick" referred to what someone did in a dream to wake you up (or send you to the dream in which you were dreaming), or what someone could do in the waking world to your sleeping body to wake you up. They were demonstrating how tipping someone over in a chair would wake them up, but then they didn't seem to use that in their big heist. Second, I got confused about who was controlling what in the dreams. The architect constructs it and I guess somehow teaches it to the person who will be the dreamer. But then someone else populates the dream with their subconscious, right? So which things are the dreamer vs. the subconscious-populating person responsible for? Is the subconscious person only responsible for the *people* there? While the dreamer takes care of all the scenery (down to the fibers in the rugs)? I think that's the case, but I'm not sure.

    OK, so even though I didn't catch some of the finer details of the sci-fi workings, it's not like the movie didn't make sense. The multi-levels of the dreams were different enough that you could tell which level they were showing. And they did a pretty good job of explaining everything you needed to know. I though it was all a very well done movie. I'd love to see it again. If I do, maybe I'll catch some more answers to these questions.

  6. Whoa, that was a long comment. I guess it's all fresh in my memory, and there is ever so much to discuss about a smart film like this!


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