A brief update

Hello again, dear readers!

Thank you for bearing with me these past few days (most of you in the US were probably celebrating and enjoying the holiday weekend anyway - I know I was!)

I'm actually at work now, and I gotta say, not typing on a computer since Thursday, it's a nice change of pace from typing on my phone! I'm thankful I can still access my email, Facebook, Twitter, etc from my phone, but there's just something about typing on an actual computer with a screen that's bigger than a few inches - after awhile, it starts to give me a headache!

Don't worry though - I may not be commenting much on here or on your blogs lately, but I have my Blogaway app for posting and checking up on my blogs, and I have my Greed2 RSS/Google Reader app so I'm still following all my blogs that I regularly read =)

If you're bored, feel free to read through some of my past posts, via the keywords in the left column, or you can check out my movie review blog Movie Bits (which I'm hoping to update a bit since I have some time at work today) or my newer baby blog.

Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter, as I can easily update that on my phone and respond to my readers/Blogland Friends.

Hopefully, it won't be too much longer til our computer is fixed! 

http://mysynergyproject.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/smashedcomputer_2.jpgIn case you missed the drama (feel free to read my last few posts), I accidentally put our Windows Vista PC in hibernate mode instead of sleep mode or shutting it off (which we've had problems with in the past - what's the point of that button if all it does is break your computer?!). When hubby came home, he couldn't get it to wake up or turn back on. We tried a bunch of stuff, Googling solutions on our phones, I even called Gateway for help but that was a bust... a co-worker of his at the cell phone store knows computers though and was able to test the power supply by swapping ours with his and sure enough, his worked just fine in ours, while ours wouldn't work in his either. He said he gave one to a guy awhile back but doesn't think he did anything with it, so he's trying to see if he can get that one back from him, so we're waiting on that. Otherwise it might take a little longer as we may need to order one. (And no, our computer doesn't look like the one in the photo! lol...)

Ironically, the day this happened, hubby gave me the go ahead to reactivate my WoW account! Good thing I was asleep when he sent me that text, otherwise we'd paying for playing time that wasn't getting used! I wouldn't mind getting an email soon though saying that I have a Cataclysm Beta invite waiting for me though...

So how was everyone's 4th of July? 

http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash2/hs036.ash2/35152_782140781749_30800316_42306448_6314103_n.jpgMine wasn't too bad - hubby got off work at like 3 because really, who's out shopping for cell phones on the 4th of July? He said they had a whole 3 people walk in since they opened at 10am and it was all "my phone won't work" people. He called to check up on the store at like 5pm and they said they sent everyone home at 4 because it was so slow. I mean really - in our town, most people are cooking out by 5pm, the city parade downtown is at 7pm and the fireworks start at 930 - them being open their normal hours (til 7pm) was a little ridiculous!

We went over to my aunt's for a cookout, since my mom was by herself (dad's gone on business and my sis is on a church missions trip to inner city Chicago) and hung out with them, my uncle and my cousin. My uncle had like 2 whole grosses of bottle rockets and a bunch of sparklers - my 11 year old cousin had fun with the sparklers while hubby had a little too much fun shooting off ALL the bottle rockets. At one point I had to go inside and watch through the door as the sound and smell and smoke was making my head hurt - my mom said hubby looked like a little kid in a candy store though, he was getting super into shooting them off! It was cute!

We hung out there for a little bit before we took my mom and cousin downtown with us to watch the fireworks. I got my cardio exercise in for the day, as we had to park quite a bit away from the river and walk. We found a nice spot on one of the main bridges and you could see all the higher up fireworks, but not the lower ones (I think the only way you could see those is if you the paid the $6/person to watch from the main park downtown, as it's directly across from where they're set off from). We took a few pictures for my dad too, as the area he's at is too poor for fireworks and he didn't feel like driving 40 miles for them.

I also learned, that (according to the local news) apparently my city now has the largest fireworks display in the state of Illinois - I'm only really surprised that we beat out Chicago, as I've seen a few other city's fireworks over the years and none of them can compare to 20-30 minute show set to music that we put on!

20 days til our first ultrasound! I'm sooooo excited!


  1. AHH I hate computer issues!
    I had a good 4th of july with friends and saw some fireworks :D

  2. Sounds like a good time.

    I was actually shopping the evening of the Fourth of July. The mall was swarming with people, and I even went into a couple electronics stores, haha. Across the street from the mall is a big beach where we went to watch the fireworks, so that's why we were there.

    Hope your computer troubles get fixed soon.


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