20 Days!

20 days til our first ultrasound! I'm sooooooo excited!

I know I'll feel so much better and at ease once we can actually see that the kiddo is doing just fine =)

Also, my mom told me something interesting the other day...

I was on the phone with her and I asked her about something my dad posted on Facebook recently - one of my aunts posted about being baby crazy cuz of me and a friend of hers being pregnant and my dad mentioned my mom and him were talking recently about how funny it would if hubby and I had twins.

Mom confessed, apparently, on her side of the family there's a set of twins going back to just before my grandma's time, and there's also a set on my grandpa's side that far back too. So far, no other set of twins have showed up in the family, so mom and dad were saying it's gotta show up at some point, you would think!

I haven't mentioned this bit of info to hubby yet - last time I was all "hey, what if we have twins?" his response was that he didn't want to think about that yet, lol... we'll know in like 20 days though if there's an extra kiddo chillin' out in me. I wouldn't mind, especially if it's one of each, since that means we wouldn't have to worry about having anymore kids for awhile!

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  1. Congrats on being expecting! Hope the ultra sound goes well!


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