Your laugh for the day: Bedroom Intruder song

Going through my Google Reader today and catching up on all the blogs I read (which by the way, there's 2 blogs in which the author's have updated their RSS feed links... I keep deleting/removing/unsubscribing to the old ones, and it shows them gone in my list, but then the next day, they're back again, so I keep getting double posts from these 2 blogs which is kinda annoying... anyone know how to fix that??) and I came across these videos that Amy at Ha ha. Wait. What? posted on her blog today.

Watch this one first, as it's the news report as to what happened (in short, this woman woke up to a stranger who climbed in through her window, got in bed with her, attempted to take off her clothes and rape her, however she screamed and her brother came busting to help get rid of the guy). The story itself is not so funny, but the woman's brother and what he has to say is pretty hilarious!

Now watch the first half of this video - someone remixed the footage, mainly with the brother's comments, and mashed it together for a hilarious song! And the creator of the video is the random news guy dancing and singing backup in a few scenes!

This song (and the brother in general) gave me a good laugh for the day - like I said, what happened to the woman isn't funny, as it actually sounds pretty scary to wake up to that - but her brother's comments are just hilarious!


  1. Haha, that's hilarious! Not the fact that there's a rapist of course, but the video.

    I am totally in love with Auto-Tune the News, after finding out about them from their Auto-Tune The Guild Season 3 Recap. I've had the auto-tuned Double Rainbow song stuck in my head for about a week.


  2. It's funny cuz I just saw that video. My little brother sent it to me and I thought it was so funny that I updated my facebook status with the lyrics.

    "You don't have to come and confess. We lookin for youuu. We gon fiiind you. We gon find you..." LOL...priceless


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