Vote for my hometown's Free Credit Score band finalist!!

By now I'm sure you've all heard about and seen the commercials for the search for the next Free Credit Score.com band.

While I've known for awhile, all the talk in the local media here in town is that one of the final 4 bands - The Poets Dance - is from my hometown (even though on the site it's listed as Chicago) and the brother-in-law of reader & sometimes commenter Becca from Memoirs of a Girl is in the band too!

Supposidly all 4 bands are supposed to be getting equal commercial time so you can hear them all and then go online and vote, however, I watch a lot of tv later at night (usually TBS, Nick at Nite, and VH1, as well as sometimes NBC, ABC, Spike and FX earlier in the day/evening) and I only keep seeing the 3 other bands, so I finally went online to check out our hometown band, since our local market apparently isn't playing their commercial much at all!

You can check them out here in this official video:

They're called The Poets Dance, and while I voted for them because they're from my hometown and I think it'd be pretty awesome for the next Free Credit Score band to come from here!

I suggested and sent the submission link to my brother-in-laws to enter their band The Broken Fall into the contest, as a few years back they had quite the local following and made it into the final 5 for the VH1 Save the Music Battle of the Bands for our area (winners got a trip to New York to meet with record execs) - they didn't win, but a lot of people said they should have! They also won several area music competitions several years in a row and even won a RAMI - a local award thing with many different categories our city does every year... granted they haven't been too active the past 2 years or so - they both work a lot and their 2 cousins left the band for their own reasons (one decided to enlist in the Army Reserve and went off to do that, and the other... we're not sure what happened as he just stopped coming to practice for like a year straight). My brother-in-laws are both still making music as The Broken Fall (as my in-laws legally own the name and logo) and I know they said recently they finally found a few new members to permanently fill in (as they had family friend musicians help them out to lay out some new tracks), but yeah...

I'm glad at least one of the bands in the finals for this competition came from our area!

I do admit though, I also like the California band Evolove (the one with the chick singer) because to me they sound a lot like old skool No Doubt... but I can't decide if that's a good or bad thing!

Go to www.freecreditscoreband.com and check out the bands and vote (preferably for The Poets Dance!).

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