Birthday Weekend 2010

As some may know, yesturday I turned 26.

I'm kind of indifferent about 26, as it's a number of no real importance. All it means is that I'm 1 year closer to 30 (yuck!). It also doesn't help that it's an even number and unless the number is 24, 54 or 72, I don't really like even numbers - weird, I know, but it's just one of those strange little things, lol...

I decided I'm going to be like Fran Fine from The Nanny and just stop keeping track of my birthday after 29, lol... afterall, 29 is my golden birthday (which is also the same year as hubby's, as he'll 30 on the 30th of October the same year I turn 29 on the 29th of August - big party that September? I think so!)

Anyways, I mentioned in this past Friday's Flashback Friday that I had to get the sticker on my plates and my driver's license renewed, as my license expired yesturday and my sticker expires tomorrow, so Friday I went and spent a good hour or so doing that.

I got there and there wasn't a line for either, so I went up to the main line and told them what I needed to get done. The girl asked which I would rather do first, and I asked what she would suggest. She looked around the room - there was already a ton of people waiting for renewals and other stuff on the one side while the line for the sticker only had 1 person in it. She suggested I quickly go get my sticker first, that way if the renewal took awhile I wouldn't have to worry about not getting my sticker today. So I did that and came back and got a number to wait for the renewal. I was #83, they were only on #69 when I sat down. Fortunately I have a Moto Droid so I sat around and did Facebook, Twitter and played Sudoku while I waited.

While waiting, I saw 2 Asian girls being helped - one must have been a slightly older relative while the one must have been a teenager, as it appeared she was getting her license for the first time - she also didn't seem to speak English very well or understand the process as the other girl kept having to ask her stuff and verify. Anyways, I noticed later, while the one getting her license is sitting at the computers along the back wall, taking the "written" test, the other it sitting in the row of chairs behind her, turned around, helping her! One of the staff that works there came over and told the older one that she could not be sitting anywhere near the other one while she was taking the test, not to mention there were signs up all over the place saying that if it appears you are cheating on the test and are caught you will have to wait 30 days before you can take it again - this girl was lucky she got a warning! The other one moved across the room, while the younger one had this horrified look on her face like "oh no! What's going to happen?" Oops!

Anyways, when it was my turn the process was pretty simple and the guy was thrilled that I had everything handy and was promptly answering his questions - he said it made his job go much smoother. He had me take the vision test and then move over to the cashier who told me which computer in the back to go to for the "written" test, which should really be renamed the "touch screen test" as all you do is select an answer on the screen now. It was mostly signs though and about half the other questions had the correct answer of "all the above" - I aced it, 28 out of 28, woot! I think last time I took it I missed 3 - 2 actual questions (both of which I chose the "more cautious" answer) and 1 sign (in which they show you the color and shape of the sign but there's no text on it).

In the past when they took my photo it was always from the neck up so they got a good profile, but not this time - no, it was basically a close up of my face from the chin up, so basically my photo box is just a blob of skin with some hair, my eyes, nose and mouth. It looks HORRIBLE! And I actually took the time to make myself look good too, but with a close up like that, it just isn't possible, lol...

So that was my time at the DMV on Friday afternoon.

http://whi.s3.prod.lg1x8.simplecdn.net/images/3421089/sem209_39_large.jpg?1282065018Hubby worked til 9pm at the Verizon store Friday (which by the way, he is now officially THE manager at the store he works at, which means a minor pay raise and he gets more bonuses to work towards), so we took a late dinner. I had coupons for both Chili's and TGI Friday's, granting me a free dessert for my birthday, but since I didn't have a preference I let hubby make the call and we went to TGI Friday's and split the Brownie Obsession dessert for free. It was really good - it's a warm moist brownie with Godiva chocolate syrup on it with vanilla ice cream... so yummy, we devoured that!

Sunday we spent the afternoon with my family, having a birthday lunch cookout since my dad had to leave by 230 to catch a plane for this week's business trip and hubby worked all day Saturday.

It was fun, casual and relaxing with hubby, my parents and sis and my aunt, uncle and cousin who all live in town. We had barbeque chicken and mom's awesome potato salad, plus there was fruit and brats. And we had cake and ice cream too - they actually put 26 candles on the cake too, it was a bit amusing!

I pretty much got everything that was on my birthday list - my aunt and uncle gave me the live action Alice in Wonderland DVD while my cousin gave me Disney's Cinderella on DVD (score! Now I just need Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast on DVD). My sister got me the Hot Tub Time Machine DVD, with the intent that I'll let her watch it with me as she hadn't seen it yet and wants to. My parents got me both the Lego Indiana Jones game for Wii (the first one) and Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 for Wii, as well as "A Touch of Dead" which includes all the Sookie Stackhouse short stories (minus "A Tale of Two Blondes" - a short story with Sookie and Pam that came out last month). Mom also wants to take me and my sis for pedicures either tomorrow or Wednesday too, as they're going to a wedding this weekend (at Gettysburg! I wanted to go, but hubby's boss at UPS wouldn't give him Saturday off and I didn't want to leave him home alone for the long holiday weekend). I've never had a pedicure before (shocking, I know!) so I'm excited to finally get one - mom says they do all this massaging stuff too and the seats have massagers in them... sounds great and relaxing! Hubby also ordered me the WoW Windrunner cub - it should be here tomorrow! Yay!

I came home, hubby did laundry and I took a nap and then we had usual Sunday night pizza while watching our regular shows.

All in all, it was a pretty good birthday!

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