14 week check-up

Today we had our 14 week check-up.

All seems to be good!

Today they checked out my cervix, as I had the LEEP done almost 2 years ago and wanted to make sure the length and everything was good or not as that could cause complications later - doctor said my cervix is nearly 40mm long and said that anything over 30 is considered good, so mine is looking fantastic! They're going to check it again in 4 more weeks as he said up until this point my uterus hasn't really stretched and expanded yet as baby wasn't big enough yet and was just filling in the empty space, but that should begin to change soon.

We saw baby again today too, although the angle from cervix wasn't as good a view as the previous angle we had at our last appointment. Baby appeared to be waving at us this time though - it was cute! The technician didn't mention how big baby was (I think it was hard to measure from that angle) but we did get to hear the heartbeat and it was at a normal 162bpm.

Other than that, the appointment was pretty quick. The doctor said next time we come in we need to let them know if we'd like to do that additional testing which includes checking for spina bifida and other stuff. Do most people do that? Is the testing usually covered by insurance?

Our next appointment is September 20, at 18 weeks 1 day, and then we'll find out at 22 weeks 1 day - days before we go on vacation near the end of October - what baby's gender is (assuming baby is cooperative in its positioning).

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  1. I cheated and went to a 3D place at 18 weeks :) They do a regular 2D sonogram for gender prediction for 55.00


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