Music Shuffle Monday 08.09.10

1. "Somebody to Love" - Queen cover by the cast of Gleehttp://www.veryicon.com/icon/png/Media/iPod,%20Therefore%20I%20Am/iPod%20Mini%20Blue.png
I got hooked on Glee this past Spring. I tried to watch last fall, but the episode I was watching was several into it already and I had no clue what was really going on and was a bit lost. During the season hiatus I got ahold of the first 13 episodes and got caught up and started watching the newer ones online til I got caught up enough to watch it weekly. The cast is pretty talented though when it comes to all the different covers they do each episode. The show's got a pretty good blend of music (both older and newer tunes) mixed with comedy and drama - it perfectly fits the label of a "dramedy."

2. "Tonight" by Staind
Off their album "14 Shades of Grey" this was an interesting album, as it's lead single sounded like typical Staind, but the rest of the album had a bit more mellow sound to it. This track is blend of both, as the verses are more mellow, but the guitars and drums kick in for the chorus giving it just a little bit of an edge.

3. "Heart Shaped Box" by Nirvana
Classic Nirvana and one of their more known songs. Not really a whole lot to say about this one, other than Kurt Cobain passed way before his time, but out of the ashes, Dave Grohl was able to pick up and move onto another project - The Foo Fighters and eventually help out with Queens of the Stoneage.

4. "Hidden Agenda" by Pitchshifter
Pitchshifter blends rock with electronics and being that they're also Brits, they are easily confused with The Prodigy. They still rock though with songs you can really get into. This song starts out mellow and picks up. I first heard of them back in Jr. High when I was playing one of my Test Drive racing games for the original Playstation and their song "Genius" was on the soundtrack. That track was also on one of the Mortal Kombat soundtracks too and I was hooked on their sound. I definitely recommend checking out their discography!

5. "Imperfection" by Skillet
Skillet's one of those bands that have been around since the mid-late 90s, but unless you listened to Christian rock you mostly likely had never heard of them until about 5 years ago when the Rock stations started playing their songs. This song is off their album Collide. Over the years, Skillet's tweaked and played around with their sound. They started out more hard rock with a blend of metal, but their first CD sounded like a low-budget amateur recording (which it probably was) which only added to their sound. Then they went a little more electronic in their sound, and even more soft rock, to eventually coming back around to mostly rock with some electronics.

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  1. I absolutely adore Glee. My favorite songs they've done are when they combine multiple songs. "Don't Stand So Close To Me" and "Young Girl" is my favorite combo.

    The "Somebody to Love" version they did was great!


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