My first pedi

http://www.expressnightout.com/content/photos/20100625-spreadmain-250.jpgToday I got my first official professional pedicure.

Shocking, I know, that I'm 26 and never had one before. I've had friends do them in the past and of course I've done stuff at home, but I've never actually gone to a salon and had them done.

And no, I didn't get one done for my wedding. I found a nice spa and salon in town that had the best price on massages and since I was paying for it myself I opted for just the manicure, as I didn't have enough to spend to get the pedicure and I figured my dress was long enough so it wasn't like anyone was going to see my feet anyway so I just painted my toenails myself.

My family is going to a wedding at Gettysburg this weekend and mom wanted her feet to look nice and decided to treat me to one too for my birthday. My sis also came with us.

It was pretty interesting!

I got there a few minutes before my mom and sis since I was driving over from work and my mom had to pick my sister up from school. At first the fumes were like "whoa!" when I walked in and smelled the nail polish and acetone and stuff -  I'm sure my preggo hormones were amplifying it by like a million too - but after a few minutes I was fine.

We each picked out a color - I got like a teal/turquoise color. It looked more blue in the bottle but on my toes it's got a slight tint of a blue-greenish color to it.

They had us roll up our pant legs and slide our feet into the tub portion of the chair which was filled with warm water and had like jets blowing. The chair we sat in had a back massager in it too which felt nice. They started making our feet look nice, doing a process one foot, then switching to the other and back and forth a few times. Then they massaged lotion onto the bottom of our legs and feet, which felt nice and then they eventually colored our toenails and then had us sit around for a bit while they dried.

They had a TV with GSN on so we got to watch the end of Deal or No Deal, where this guy sold his case for $81,000 when he still had like 4 or 5 amounts left in each column. He had gone another round, the offer would have been $249,000! Eventually, had he kept going, the highest deal he could have gotten was almost $550,000! They opened his case... dude had the $1,000,000 case and he sold it for $81,000! Ouch! We also watched a half hour game show called Catch 21, which is hosted by Carlton from Fresh Prince. The dude on that one won the grand prize of $25,000 as in the final round he got all 3 sets of cards to 21.

But yeah, that was my time in the salon. Doubt I'll go again this winter, as no one sees your feet in the winter, but maybe at the beginning of next summer I'll go - for $20 it was a pretty good deal and mom says the polish stays on and doesn't chip for quite awhile too!


  1. i've never had one!! i dont like people touching my feet!

  2. I love pedicures.. and spas. Spending time at them is definitely expensive, but it's so lovely to just relax and feel pampered :)

    Typically I will go when the weather starts to warm up.. and then do it the rest of the year at home. They get off all the nasty stuff, and you just have to maintain

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