Snacks we love

Not too long ago I made a workout post, talking about my plan to shed some pounds and get in shape. While my eating habits are terrible, I decided it might be a good idea to start using a Calorie Counter, as my goal is to stay in the 1200 calories per day range. I'm finding out that some days I'm right on track, others I go slightly over, while some I come waaaaaay under! The one I've been using allows you to enter in the brand or generic name of the item to search for it, and it shows you the nutrition facts and most often an A+ through F grade as well so you know if you're eating something that's good or bad; often times, when it's bad, they'll let you know why that is. It's been pretty interesting!

I have also been trying to be more conscious about snacking as well. I have come across 2 really neat items that I LOVE!
First, is the new Jello Mousse Temptations. This nice little chocolately delight is sugar free and only 60 calories. I love it! It tastes great and satisfies my occasional chocolate cravings. There's 3 different flavors - Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Caramel - and you get 6 cups in a package for around $2.50. Not a bad deal, if you ask me! You can find these near other Jello products in the yogurt section

http://www.minibabybel.ca/images/products/Mini-Babybel-Light.jpgAnother neat little snack that I just recently tried are the Laughing Cow's Mini Babybel Light Cheese. These little cheese wedges come in a net of 6 and are only 50 calories! They taste pretty good too and the way they are packaged - the cheese is in a wax pouch with tabs you pull to open and then it's wrapped plastic - are great for on the go too! These can be found either near the cheese section or in a fridge with the more exotic cheeses.

Be sure to give these snacks a try the next time you're hankering for something good to eat.


  1. One thing I have found in all of my research and talking with personal trainers, etc, is that counting calories will make you crazy and you will be more likely to give up after a short time. People tend to obsess and get impatient when calorie counting. The other thing to remember is that you burn off breakfast and lunch throughout the day, but whatever you eat at night will stick with you and be harder to burn. Thus, you want to eat a big breakfast, a small snack in between, a moderate lunch, a small snack, a small dinner and then a small (low sugar)dessert or snack. Carbs and fat should be eaten early in the day. The main thing to focus on is getting rid of all the crap you eat and replacing it with fruits, veggies and healthy grains.

  2. Those are all awesome snacks. Esp the cheese. LOVE me some good cheese.


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