One smart kitty

Awhile back, we started kicking Tiger out of our bedroom at night because every day at 6am, she starts running around and tries to grab and knock off everything our nightstand, waking me up in the process.

She hasn't been a big fan of this, and occasionally, if she's being good when it's time for us to go to sleep, we'll give her a chance to sleep in the room with us again... however she always starts acting up at 6am.

Usually when we kick her out, she'll chill right outside the door, sometimes meowing, sometimes banging up against the door and eventually she started fiddling with the round doorknob (which really freaked me out for awhile after we watched the movie The Strangers!).

Lately, hubby's been having to get up before me, so when he leaves, he closes the door tightly behind him so I can get some more sleep without Tiger coming in to drive me nuts (she likes to try and trick us into feeding her extra, acting like someone forgot to feed her - especially if one of us is gone when the other wakes up!).

Well, the other day, I'm laying there in bed, hearing her mess with the doorknob like usual... only this time the door creaks open. A second later, there's my kitty coming around the corner all "Hi mommy!"

So much getting more sleep!

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