The Quest for a Rolodex

I decided the other day that I needed a Rolodex.

Random, I know, but when it came to addresses we've been using a 3 page list of addresses from our wedding which was back in September '08. And no, it's not 3 pages long, it just unfortunately printed off in 3 pages - page 1 having the name and street address, page 2 having the city and state, and page 3 has all the zip codes. How it printed out like this I have no clue, as I print out Excel lists all the time at my job.

Sure I could just enter everything in an address book in our computer, which is handy for big mailings where we just print off labels, but if I just need one address wouldn't it be simpler to just flip to the name in the Rolodex than have to wait for the address book in the computer to load up? Plus what if the computer isn't on? Then I need to wait for it to boot up.

So I decided to go buy one the other day.

They cost a bit more than I was expecting though.

I had to stop at a dollar store to pick up some gift wrap supplies (btw - dollar stores are GREAT for gift bags, tissue and wrapping paper!) so I decided to see if they had any cheap Rolodexes.

They did not.

Next stop - Walmart!

I searched and searched the ENTIRE office supply section at Walmart and only found 1 lone Rolodex, hidden in a random spot on a lower shelf. This one was fancy mesh though, that matched the rest of Walmart's desk organization supplies and it was nearly $10.

I passed and drove over to Office Max, where they had a whole section of Rolodexes! Big ones, simple ones, cheap ones, expensive ones. I opted for the cheapest one they had which cost about $7. Honestly though, I wasn't expecting to spend more than $5. Oh well!

As you can see in the photo above, I did buy the cheap Rolodex, which Tiger is modeling. She enjoyed posing for pictures, so long as the flash was off (she's a big blinker like her mommy!)

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  1. You could have gone online :)

    Well, I used to want one for a while but than I decided I use another method. I hope that even though the one you bought was cheap, you still get alot of use out of it...


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