It wasn't the neighbor upstairs this time!

As some may remember, last week I made a post regarding how the lady who lives above us sounds like she's keeping a herd of elephants up there.
Locator map
Well last night (early this morning) at roughly 4am, I'm sitting here, on the computer waiting for hubby to get home from his 3rd shift job. Usually he's home by 3:30am, but we've had a bit of a snow storm out here the last few days, so he's been getting home a bit later than usual this week due to the weather.

As I'm sitting at the computer, out of nowhere I feel our entire apartment shake and I hear something fall and hit the ground in the apartment above us.

"What the...?!" I say out loud. I look over at Tiger, who was laying on the ground with her head on her paws - she popped her head immediately and was starring at me, wide eyed, ears perked up with this expression of "WHAT WAS THAT?!"

Hubby came walking in about 2 minutes later and I asked him if heard anything. He hadn't so I told him how I felt the whole apartment shake and something fell upstairs. We automatically assumed it was just the lady upstairs being loud as usual and this time she must have dropped something really heavy to shake our walls like that.

Then, driving to work today, I have the radio on and the local weather forecaster comes on and makes a brief mention of an earthquake before giving us the forecast!

He didn't say much so of course when I got to work I went to one of the local news webpages and sure enough, the top headline read "Early Morning Earthquake Shakes Northern Illinois." Originally reports said the 'quake hit a magnitude of 4.3, but later revised it to a 3.8. Apparently it originated close to where I went to college, but you could feel it up here, 30 miles away, and some even reported feeling it up in Southern Wisconsin!

I know, some may be thinking - "An earthquake in Illinois?!" - and while it's rare, it's not the first time it's happened. This is actually the 3rd earthquake we've had in the past 6 years, however it's the first one I actually felt, as I was asleep for the first one and then for some reason I didn't feel a thing the 2nd time!

This has been one crazy week so far here in the midwest - first we get 2 days of a snow storm, followed by an earthquake - what are the odds? I wonder what else the weather has in store for us this week!


  1. thank you so much for you comments and suggestions on my wedding! I didn't even think about after valentine's sales. I'm glad to have you on the blogosphere!

    thanks for following!

  2. oh no problem!

    if you're using roses for ANYTHING for your wedding, definitely check out the after Valentine's Day sales at the craft stores to get em on clearance! =)


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