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Being a consultant with Mary Kay, I often get to try the products via samples or buying the product with a discount. I figured I would take this opportunity to just share some of my favorite Mary Kay products I've used so far!

Now I was never much of a make-up girl or even a girly girl, but some of this stuff is really neat!

Let's begin with a simple make-up must have: Mineral Foundation!
Now like I said, I was never much of a make-up girl - my first experience with make-up in Junior High involved liquid foundation and it worked TERRIBLE! No matter how much I applied or how I applied it or what I did I could not get rid of the typical make-up line. And being that I was in Junior High, of course kids would point it out and make fun of me. Needless to say, I stopped wearing the stuff after about a month and never wore make-up again aside from the occasional eye-shadow or concealer on zits for big events. It wasn't until about 6 months before my wedding in September 2008 that my mom and mother in law told me about mineral foundation. My mother in law had a spare BareMinerals set that she gave me to try and hey, mineral foundation works pretty well! By the time I ran out I had just started Mary Kay so I promptly made sure to get myself some of this! And I LOVE IT! Unlike liquid foundation, mineral foundation blends with the minerals in your skin to help give you a flawless look - no make-up line! Plus, it goes on quick so you don't need to spend a lot of time putting it on! Mineral foundation is a MUST HAVE for any woman - whether you wear a lot of make-up or just a little, wear make-up everyday or just for big occasions, DON'T BE WITHOUT THIS!

MUST HAVE for your Eyes: Eyesicles
Now this is a neat little product I have never seen anywhere else! Eyesicles works as both a primer and an eye shimmer. It adds just a bit of a light shimmer so that you can wear it without eyeshadow, but this creme to powder eye make-up also works as a primer so you can put other colors on top of it and it'll hold your eyeshadow in place! I often times just wear it for days when I'm going to work and want to look decent but don't feel like spending a lot of time on my make-up because I am just going to work. I'll take just a second, rub some of this stuff on top of my eyes and I'm good to go!

Winter MUST HAVE #1: Oil-Free Hydrating Gel
I LOVE this stuff! Now regardless of what skincare system you use, whether it be the Time-Wise Miracle Set, Proactive, Neutragena, or whatever, a little extra moisturizer in the winter is a must have - especially if your face is normally a little dry! Not only does it leave your skin feeling cool refreshed, but it also helps keep it moisturized for up to 10 hours, and has vitamin E, green tea extract as well as marine extract to keep your face feeling smooth! I've been using this stuff allllllllllll winter and it really has helped keep my face moist, as my skin tends to be dryer in the winter.

Winter MUST HAVE #2: Satin Lips Set
This lip balm and mask set is really neat! First, using your finger, you rub the lip mask all over your lips. It feels a little gritty, as it's a lip scrub that works to get rid of all that dry, dead skin and junk that's on your lips. Then using a wet towel, rub off the lip mask and apply some of the lip balm to help keep your lips nice and soft! 

MUST HAVE for your hands: Satin Hands Pampering Set
My mom LOVES this and about died until she got a set of her own for Christmas. This 3-step set is a really neat way to keep your hands feeling really soft! First, you use just a little bit of the cream and work it all over your hands, between your fingers, etc to help maintain your skin's natural moisture. Then, take 1-2 pumps worth of the hand smoothie scrub and rub that all over your hands and fingers to cleanse and exfoliate! Then rinse your hands off and dry them before applying just a little bit of the hand lotion for instant moisturization. The Satin Hands Pampering Set comes in either a Peach fragrance or a new fragrance-free version that keeps moisture for up to 24 hours! Once you try it, you'll love it!

Convenient MUST HAVE #1: The Mary Kay Compact
I LOVE this and was so excited when I got one! This neat little compact is magnetic, with a nice sized mirror and can be filled a number of different ways: you can use it as a foundation compact, an eyeshadow compact, a full look compact, or even an eyebrow compact! It also holds your applicators and either a lipstick, lipgloss or brow gel. And it's small enough that it fits nicely in your purse! In the one that I use, I have 3 eyeshadows and a blush, as well as a lipstick and my cheek and eye applicators. There's also a slightly bigger version called the Compact Pro which holds 3 times the eye shadows/foundations/blushes/etc, 2 lipglosses/lipsticks/brow gels, as well as a lip liner and an eye liner, in addition to your applicators! And unlike a lot of other compacts, these are magnetic, so they stay shut and your colors stay in place yet you can easily swap them out, so there's less mess!

Convenient MUST HAVE #2: Travel Roll-Up Bag
This bag is really neat and great for storage, organization and travel. It comes with 4 plastic zipper compartments that velcro onto the interior part so you can easily remove each section as needed. It also has a black swivel hook so you can keep it on the back of your bathroom door or a hook so it doesn't take up space elsewhere! And it holds A LOT - for the pampering parties, I have all my foundations and full sized skincare samples in this for easy carrying - it makes traveling a lot easier as everything is altogether in one place.

If you are interested in any of these products and would like to order some, please let me know or visit my site - I can easily hook you up and I ship anywhere in the US!

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