The Spambot Who Seduced Me

The other night my husband was looking up something online, saw a link on that page that was interesting that lead to one story and that lead to clicking on a link to another interesting story and somehow we ended up on this page:

The Spambot Who Seduced Me: A True Story of Forbidden Love

Now it's written by Cracked, which is known for their funny satire magazine, so you know it's going to be amusing at least.

The author tells of how he got a message from a spambot named Cheri01 while he was on some site and this spambot even has a profile! What follows are emails the author shared back and forth with the bot, trying to have a 'relationship' with it and their eventual 'break up.'

Either someone knows how to have some fun messing with internet spambots or they are a slightly disturbed individual - you be the judge!

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