Might as well call the games Angelina Jolie: Tomb Raider

I remember being back in junior high when we first got a Sony Playstation and soon after I got the first Lara Croft Tomb Raider game - it was an interesting game with adventure and puzzles to solve. Lara's like the female version of Indiana Jones, which to me was awesome as growing up I loved watching Indy!

Over the years, I got a few more of the Tomb Raider games but never really played them much or got very far as I was just simply busy with other things. The other night, I decided to play some PS2 and popped in Tomb Raider Anniversary - which celebrates 10 years of the franchise and has you play through some of the earlier games, including the first one. It was neat because I remembered the levels but had to relearn the puzzles, not to mention the graphics were a lot nicer than they were in the original game.

I was a little disappointed though... Tomb Raider Anniversary came out in 2007, and well, in game, Lara Croft looks more like Angelina Jolie's incarnation of Lara than Lara Croft.

Okay, so you can't really tell too much from the images, but in game, she really does look like Angelina - I showed my husband and he too agreed. She now has some pretty pouty lips and a face that resembles Angie's!

It just disappointed me that it seems like they more "real" the graphics look, the more they're molding the character to look like her movie franchise counterpart, rather than the actress having to look like the character. Something about that just disappoints me.

What do you guys thing?

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