Dear Internet: Enough with the boobs!

By now I'm sure at some point during your regular daily web surfing you've seen one ad or another for an online browser game called "Evony."

Originally, the ads started out pretty harmless, showing a knight and his sword preparing for battle. But apparently that wasn't attracting enough players, so they decided to ditch the knight in favor for a medieval dressed woman with a little cleavage showing. Eventually that "little" cleavage became "a lot more" cleavage.

And then, someone made the decision to just ditch the drawn images and go for hot chicks in tight little tops.

But that wasn't good enough either.

Soon enough, I saw this ad for the game:

Yes, that's right - it's a busty bra-covered torso with matching little panties.

My first thought: "What the hell does that have to do with this game?"

I found out recently, that a brother-in-law of mine sometimes plays this game, saying he can start a building or farm, go do something else and come back 20 minutes later and it's still going. He also pointed out the fact that the ads have NOTHING to do with the game - the graphics aren't that great, there are no females or sexy hot queens to rescue - it's like a smaller scale browser knock-off of the Civilization games.

What really drives me nuts is that 1) I see these ads on nearly every other site I visit these days (you can't get away from them!!) and 2) I'm a female - this type of advertising does not appeal to me! I don't want to be checking my facebook or some forum I visit frequently or reading a news story on a news site and see this crap! It's bad enough I have to see commercials with women dressed like this while watching late night tv - I shouldn't be forced to see it while I'm doing my daily web surfing routine!

If you'd like to see the evolution of these ads, be sure to check it out at this site.

Does anyone else find these ads obnoxious and distasteful?

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  1. Yes! I got one of those giant boob ads when I was on facebook or something today. Do they really need or want players that badly that they feel the need to advertise the game that way? It can't help them out too much as they probably lose most of their players when they realize the game was falsely advertised.


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