Valentine's Day Swap!

I participated in the Valentine's Day Swap hosted by the lovely ladies Tara, Celia and Meg!

I've been a bit hesitant regarding swaps lately, as I seem to have a 1 in 3 chance of having a crummy partner, but I was blessed this time to be paired up with the wonderful Silvergirl - Brett!

Looking over her blog, she is an older gal, reminding me much of my mother-in-law (which unlike some, I got lucky and happen to have a pretty cool mother-in-law!), as she strives to find affordable fashion and style for women over 45! She also owns Silver Needle Designs which personalizes and monograms a variety of items!

Here's my goodies she sent me (which arrived SUPER early too!):

There's a cute pocket journal/notepad (love the colors!), a Valentine's Day mix CD, some Valentine's Day themed travel tissue (which comes in handy!), some Liplicious vanilla lipgloss (yum!), a personalized RayJ keychain that she made for me via her Silver Needle Designs company, her lovely note, and CHOCOLATE!!!

Not gonna lie, I started munching on the chocolate as soon as I opened it, lol... it was gone before Valentine's Day arrived! (Oops!).

Thank you Brett for being such a great swap partner! I hope you enjoyed your goodies I sent!


  1. you got an awesome swap package!!

  2. Wow! Awesome stuff! What a cool idea to make a mix CD for you... and a personalized keychain!


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