Jaydran Lately

Don't worry, that's a dog toy!
Jay's been quite amusing lately!

He keeps showing his intelligence and he's only 12 months old.

A few weeks ago, hubby was making bacon and eggs at the stove. Jay's seen me make scrambled eggs there for breakfast a handful of times. He got one of the kitchen chairs, pushed it over to the stove next to hubby and then proceeded to try and figure out how to climb up on the chair, like he wanted to help daddy cook!

Speaking of the chairs, he's CONSTANTLY rearranging my kitchen chairs, pulling, pushing and dragging them all around the kitchen! I just don't understand why, lol...

He's also surprised hubby twice now with his communication skills.

Last week, hubby was laying on the couch doing his thing while Jay played with his toys in the family room. Jay walks up to hubby and gives him a smack to get his attention. Hubby's like "Uh... what?" Jay looks at him and starts walking toward the hallway to the bedrooms. So hubby gets up and follows Jay to his bedroom and opens the door for him and turns on the light. Jay walks over to his dresser/changing table and just kinda looks up at hubby like "uh... you gonna change me, daddy?" Sure enough, hubby picks him up, checks his diaper and he's got a stinky one!

And then just the other day, again, hubby's laying on the couch, Jay is playing with his toys. Jay walks up to hubby and just kinda stares him down. Hubby's all "What? Do you want something?" Jay looks at him and then starts walking towards the hallway again. Hubby gets up to follow him, again following Jay to his room and opening the door and turning on the light for him. This time though Jay walks over to the nightstand, picks up "Goodnight Moon" and walks over to hubby, handing the book to him and then kinda looking at him like "uh, daddy... you gonna read that to me or what?" Hubby was a bit taken back, asking Jay if he wanted daddy to read to him and then I guess they sat down together, Jay sat and listened as daddy read the whole book to him! Unless it's "Skippyjon Jones Up & Down" or some other title you can make interactive I can't get him to sit still and listen to a whole story!

Speaking of Skippyjon Jones... the "Up & Down" book is apparently his favorite - he's always bringing it to me throughout the week to read it to him and then I have to read it several times in a row. He likes how I move the book around as I read "Up and down, back and forth, near and far..." etc.

Jay putting his toys away... in the Pack n Play, lol...
He also picked up the bulk of his toys in the family room... only to put them away in the Pack n Play, lol... but hey, I guess that's a start! It is pretty funny though that there's now a mound of toys in there and no room for him, lol... wonder how he plans on getting to them in the morning when he wants to play!

By the way, he LOVES Thomas the Train - Thomas has succeeded Super Why for favorite show (although he still enjoys Super Why), but you put Thomas on and he's glued to the TV for an entire 5-10 minute episode. And if it's one with the "Engine Rollcall" song at the beginning and end... he gets sooooo excited hearing the song! You can bet I got him a couple Thomas DVDs for times it's not on Sprout and I need to keep him occupied and not missing mommy so I can get ready or just get a break. He likes rolling his mini plush Thomas and Percy trains across my coffee table too!

He was quite taken with
watching The Wiggles
He also enjoys The Wiggles and I don't know if it's good or bad... but we've noticed him watching the commercials quite a bit! Like, he's glued to the TV during commercial breaks and aside from The Lorax previews, Dreamlite Pillow Pet and Chuck E. Cheese birthday party ads, they're all for like cleaning products, the Sleep Number Bed, home fragrances, or As Seen On TV ads, lol...

We also have frequent Tickle Monster moments, as Jay's become quite ticklish in several spots (most notably his feet, belly and sides - the kid is doomed when the Tickle Monster comes to play! lol...).

Poor little guy is having major teething pains the last few days though - hubby and I noticed at dinner the other night that he has FIVE teeth trying to break through! He already has 8 (the 4 middle on top and bottom) and now he's got 1 coming through on each side, top and bottom, with an extra on side on the top! It looks like tonight the bottom left finally broke through the skin, as I saw it while brushing his teeth tonight. He was in so much pain tonight though... I couldn't tell if it was constipation or teething pains, but poor baby... he just wanted to lie on the floor with binky and burpy and scream and cry... nothing we did to comfort him seemed to work. He also had some sharp pain this morning too while he was playing with his cars or magnets in the kitchen - he let out a scream and literally came running to me! I've never seen go that fast on his 2 feet! Poor baby... I gave him some Tylenol and we snuggled and he seemed to feel a little better.

And that's Jay as of lately.

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