Boob Tube Babble 02.24.12

I missed the last few weeks (just been too busy to get the posts up!), but I'm back! And linking up for Boob Tube Babble once again!

Boob Tube Babble

Once Upon a Time
Two weeks ago was the Beauty and the Beast episode... not sure how I feel about Rumple being the Beast, but it was an interesting take on it. And you can totally tell Disney owns ABC and has some input on the show, as they specifically used Belle and Gaston in this various of the story. And omg! The end, with Regina asking Mr. Gold who he *really* is... I knew it!! I knew he knew all along! I think with her... she didn't start realizing it until the episode where she took care of the Huntsman. Should be interesting to see what happens though now that they both know they know! Obviously Regina's going to great lengths to prevent the others from realizing, while it seems Mr. Gold/Rumple seems to be helping Emma and the others work things out for themselves...

And this week's episode - Whatever Happened to Fredrick? - it was pretty interesting. And with Kathryn leaving David and moving forward on her own... only to disappear at the Storybrooke city limits... wonder what happened to her, as she was going to Boston however no one from Storybrooke ever leaves! I do hope Mary-Margret gives David another chance though, as we know they're really Snow White and Prince Charming and met to be together. Sucks how the town turned on her though after it was revealed that her and David were having an affair while he was still with Kathryn!

"The Walking Dead" on a brown grunge background.The Walking Dead
Soooo glad this one's back! I do agree with people though, it's becoming more of a drama than a zombie show, what with the lack of zombies lately this season... looks like they redeem it next episode though with Rick and Shane battling some while at odds together! Looks like we might get to see Shane's true colors that Dale's been warning everyone about! I really hope he backstabs Andrea - girl needs a wake-up call! And for those of you that watch the Talking Dead show afterwards, yeah, I totally would of just left the guy on the spike, maybe putting him out of his misery as a courtesy as those zombies were coming and the dude's leg was impaled on a fence! Clearly the guys he was with weren't good as they were just shooting at everyone and then leaving the rest for dead!

OMG!!! This week's episode! From Krofsky's suicide attempt to the Quinn PSA on texting while driving... talk about squeezing A LOT into one episode! So many messages about anti-bullying, and then seizing the day... I really hope Quinn lives but I have a feeling this might be how they write her character out of the show, since half the cast are seniors this year and will probably just have cameos after this season. So sad! Not a huge fan of the Rachel and Finn getting married plotline... hopefully the news of Quinn postpones it. And Regionals... anyone think it was a bit early for Regionals this season? That's how I knew they would win - they need to have time to do episodes that have them planning for State, etc. It was nice to see Sebastian not being a jerk for once though... I really don't like that guy! And I liked how Blaine went over to the Warblers after the winner was announced - that was nice of him! Can't believe they're making us wait like a month and a half for the next episode though! Oh and I liked how they covered a Halestorm song there in Regionals - I'm liking the next single, which Halestorm released on iTunes right after the episode aired.

New Girlhttp://static-media.fox.com/img/Fox.com/2/28/newgirl_first_look_featurette_series_premiere_640x360_1079196.jpg
I missed part of this episode because of Jay, but it was pretty funny! Nick over-analyzing the cactus, Jess dealing with a bully student in her class, and Schmidt and CeCe... oh too funny! I do kind of like them together though... makes Schmidt seem a bit not so creepy!

The Office
I missed last week's episode so I think I'm a tad off as to the Florida plotline and how Todd Packer came to be there competing with Dwight. Not a fan of Kathy trying to have an affair with Jim but it was pretty funny how he got Dwight to intervene on several occasions! And I'm sooo confused about the Darryl plotline with the chick from the warehouse... I thought he was back together with his wife and then suddenly he's all crazy about the chick from the warehouse, trying to have a relationship with her... what happened to his wife??? I think I missed something somewhere...


  1. Once Upon A Time just keeps getting better and better in my opinion ... I love it!

    On Glee - I really hope they don't kill off Quinn but like you I suspect that they will :(

  2. Glee - I hope Quinn doesn't die but I feel like she will too. What a crazy episode! It did seem early for regionals, maybe that means they'll be winning the next competition as well.


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