Boob Tube Babble 02.03.12

Boob Tube Babble

Ahhh Jay's 1st birthday is tomorrow!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!

Anyways, here's what I watched this past week:


Ink Master (SpikeTV)

Dave Navarro and 2 others host/judge this reality competition to find the best tattoo artist in the bunch. This was our 1st time seeing this one as hubby came across it flipping channels Saturday night. The challenge in this episode was Tribal Tattoos. One dude's line work was terrible when they looked at it up close, another accidentally drew this lion head facing his person's armpit (which I guess is an unspoken tattooing rule of something you don't do...?). Someone else did a tribal that covered this dude's ENTIRE bald head! OMG that must of hurt, not to mention itched like hell while healing (my shoulder itches enough as it is, I couldn't imagine my head itching that bad!). Anyways, some dude that had inexperience with tribal tattoos was dismissed and Dave Navarro needs a hair trim - long is fine, but his has gotten just a tad too long as he can do a feminine hair flip with just looks strange on his hot ass.

I caught the new episode later this week (think it airs Tuesday?) and it was interesting. The challenge was about shading and the 1st part they had to apply black and white body paint to semi-nude models to make them have dimension. The dude that did the head tattoo last week got stuck with a guy this week that also wanted a head tattoo... but then the guy chickened out, after wasting an hour debating it. I really like the red-headed foreign chick, she seems pretty awesome!

My Cat from Hell (Animal Planet)
We've caught this one a few times as we recently discovered it late one night a few weeks ago. Being cat owners, we enjoy it as it's interesting to see these owners deal with stuff we might have noticed Tiger doing in the past or see how this Cat Whisperer tames the most psychotic cats. In one of the episodes we caught during the Saturday night mini marathon, this one girl said she gave her cat treats whenever he acted up in order to get him to call down. Um, what? Fail! You're basically rewarding him for bad behavior, no wonder he acts up - he wants treats! And in another episode, Cat Whisperer Jackson Galaxy (that's gotta be his music stage name, right?) basically had to play couples counselor as this couple were basically using their 3 cats against each other (and the guy seemed a bit resentful as his gf made him get rid of his dog previously) - the gf would often tell him it was her or the cat if they couldn't get it to behave. Turns out half the problem was that the cats were picking up on the negative energy of the owners! And then, at the end of the episode, the guy proposes to her - IN FRONT OF THE CAT WHISPERER! Doh!

Once Upon a Time (ABC)
Totally saw everything being a setup, from Sidney being set up to off the king from Emma "exposing" Regina in front of the city council. I thought he was most likely still in cahoots with her! I didn't think this was that great an episode... Sidney's background and how he became the Magic Mirror was neat, but the "reality" storyline seemed lacking this week. Next week looks pretty good - Beauty and the Beast, with Rumpelstiltskin as the Beast? Should definitely be interesting!

Glee (FOX)
Almost forgot it was the Michael Jackson episode this week! Santana's "Smooth Criminal" getup was pretty awesome as were the dueling cellos! That Sebastian guy is a creep, poor Blaine... talk about dramatic! I totally would have taken his confession to the cops. Wasn't too fond of how when Kurt told Rachel about his Nyata letter she flipped the moment and made it all about her, ughhhh! Looking forward to next week with Ricky Martin as the Spanish teacher! Although I have to wonder... whatever happened to the Shelby/Beth/Puck/Quinn storyline?? So much drama in that one and then... nothing! Like the totally forgot they had started that mess.

New Girl (FOX)
http://static-media.fox.com/img/Fox.com/2/28/newgirl_first_look_featurette_series_premiere_640x360_1079196.jpgKinda sad that Jess and Julia weren't getting along as I love Zooey and Lizzy (although despite her performances on True Blood and New Girl as well as in Hot Tub Time Machine, I still can't think of her as none other than Janis Ian from Mean Girls! Seeing her more grown-up is a bit weird to me!). Plenty of great, hilarious lines in this episode though and of course Schmidt being Schmidt, especially when he found out one of Jess's friends is a lesbian!

The Office (NBC)
Yay! The return of Pam! And no James Spader! When did CeCe get sooo big though?? I guess she is supposed to be almost 2, but still... we haven't seen her on the show in awhile and she's gotten so big! Angela gives birth in this one to the senator's baby, but when some of the staff goes to visit her they learn that the baby isn't premature like they had thought, but rather was conceived a month prior to Angela's wedding to the senator. Upon learning this, Dwight becomes suspicious and convinced that the child is really his!

By the way, I'm *really* missing Community Thursday nights =(

What did you watch this week?

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  1. Happy first birthday to Jay! Once Upon a Time- have to say I saw that setup too. And the genie/being the guy in the mirror interesting. Since she was evil then we still don't what Snow too away from her!?


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