Phone Photo Fun Mondays - 02.27.12

It's Monday!

Bridesmaid dresses arrived! I noticed that the size I actually needed was online again though, so instead of taking it in majorly we just ordered the other one and are sending mine in the picture here back.

Watching The Wiggles - he's been actually sitting and watching TV lately, it's a bit odd - before it's always just been background noise with him occasionally tuning in when he recognizes certain characters or songs, but not anymore!

Toddling along with my parents and sister's dogs' Corona bottle squeak toy!

Thanks to Nina and Star on Sprout's Goodnight Show, Jay's learned about putting toys away... only he puts them all in his playpen! LOL... I guess it's a start though!

Hubby took this one and it's his current Twitter avatar - it cracks me up every time I look at it! LOL

"Mommy... I see you taking pictures again!"

He stopped playing with the toy for a second and was glued to Thomas and Friends on the TV. He LOVES that show!

Tiger perched herself up there tonight. Silly kitty!

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