Phone Photo Fun Mondays - 02.13.12

Another week, another time for...
This week we tested out Jay's new Crayola Window Crayons. I had fun... Jay enjoyed playing with the crayons!
So I opened our box, which I bought last November intending on giving them as present for Jay's birthday, and there's no green, but 2 reds! Yay for Twitter though, I tweeted this photo and Crayola's Customer Affairs rep tweeted me their contact info to get in touch with them regarding my missing window crayon. So I did and they're sending me a $6 coupon good for any Crayola product so I can get a new box - hopefully one with a green marker in it!
My friend was getting a tattoo done at the studio a block from our house so she said she'd stop over when she was done. Her sister has a little girl about a month younger than Jay and wanted to bring her over for a playdate as well, as I guess, like Jay, she doesn't have a lot of interaction with babies/toddlers her age. It was a pretty fun time - she seemed a bit nervous but curious about Jay, keeping her distance most of the time, while he was all "let's play!" It's also amusing how babies have to touch each other's faces and pat each other's heads, lol...
"Look ma! She's my size!"
She's all reserved, he's all "let's go!"
I saw this at Walmart in the dairy section - really?? French onion dip with "Heluva" on it? Guess that's one dip we won't be buying for family gatherings, lol...
It's a little hard to see in the photo, but those are glass replica carbine air rifles full of tequila! We saw these at Sam's Club and thought it was hilarious! Too bad they're almost $50 each though!
Jay really enjoys playing with shoes, particularly ones with laces he can carry all over the house (he hid my sister in law's shoes earlier in the week, then when she found them he proceeded to run off with them to throw them down the stairs, lol...).
Hubby gave Jay crazy hair while taking a bath.

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