Inside a Toddler's Brain


I saw this awhile back (like last fall) and didn't quite think it was true. Hubby came across it and posted it on his Facebook the other day, and now that Jay's older and officially a toddler... yep! Too true! LOL...

I think it needs a few modifications for Jay though:
  • In the Acceptable Medicine Center, flavored liquid tylenol needs to be added - the kid gets excited when he sees us coming near him with the oral syringe, like it's his saving grace!
  • Toothbrush can be taken out of the Hygiene Avoidance Ventricle - Jay LOVES getting his teeth brushed!
  • Cartoon Addiction Lobe needs some mention of trains in it as well (as in Thomas and his friends).
The rest of it... yep! Pretty spot on! 

Love the Muppet Appreciation Lobe - that's pretty spot on, as Elmoo's the only one he really seems to have prolonged interest in (other honorable Muppet mentions go to Grover, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch).

And the Toy Recognition Cortex... waaaay too true! Kid has more fun with empty boxes and hubby's constantly pulling toys out of his work boots whenever he goes to put them on, not to mention Jay can spend a good bit of time playing with the shoelaces on daddy's sneakers! And recently he's discovered how to open up our trashcan in the kitchen (it has a lid, but there's a button near the front that you push to pop the lid open) and I keep having to rush over and stop him before his toys or burpie and binky get dropped in!

Those of you with regular toddler interaction, what's your thoughts?

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