Phone Photo Fun Mondays - 02.20.12

A couple days late, but I'll explain why in my next post! =D

Laying on the floor, with a book, looking up at the TV, lol...
And back to "reading" his book
Jay's Valentine's Day shirt
Trying to get a picture of him in his Valentine's Day shirt was a challenge now that he walks/toddles around EVERYWHERE!
Jay's Valentine's Day loot:
Mini Reese's Cups, Snuggle Puppy book and animal crackers in a Valentine's Day box from my parents, We Go Together book, "Hug Me" bear and mini box of chocolates from mommy and daddy.
My husband's Valentine's Day loot:
Bobba Fett plush with candy from Jay, thermal coffee mug with $25 Starbucks gift card plus a mini box of chocolates from me.
Jay modeling his suit jacket that he'll be wearing in my sis's wedding. Smallest I could find without buying an entire suit was a size 2T, which is a tad big on him, but we'll make it work!
Jay with his Aunt B, holding the doggie's Corona bottle squeak toy - he likes playing with that one and we always find it hilarious, lol...
Carrying around the doggie Corona bottle squeak toy again.

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