Free refund, say what?

Last year I started reading The Millennium Trilogy by Steig Larsson. You know, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series.

Anyways, I read the 1st 2 and watched their Swedish film adaptions on Netflix, but have been waiting for book 3 - The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest - to come out on paperback as well, since I have the 1st 2 in paperbook and when it comes to my books, unless it's a long awaited continuation in a series and I have to have it the day it's released (ie: the last Harry Potter book or every Sookie Stackhouse book since #8 or the last 2 Hunger Games books) I prefer to keep them in the same format and size so they look nice on the bookshelves.

Last summer the kind clerk at Borders (before they announced they were going out of business) looked it up for me and said that it appeared to be coming out in March 2012. It was a long ways off, but I figured I could wait to read the conclusion to Lizabeth Salander since I had a few other long books to read in the meantime (*cough*gameofthrones*cough*). So last month I noticed on Amazon they had the paperbook I had been waiting for available for pre-order. Wanting to take advantage of their pre-order guarantee (if the price drops after you ordered it they'll give you the lowest price) I went ahead and ordered it.

And it arrived last Friday.

And I was disappointed.

Here's why:

Um, yeah... that's thinner, taller and overall larger than the previous 2... not nice!

Before starting the return process with Amazon, I decided to see if Walmart or somewhere in town had the actual version I wanted since according to online, it exists! When we made our weekly trip to stock up on groceries we're low on and whatever other random things we needed I picked up what I *thought* was the same size as the other 2 (hey, the other 2 in paperback were sitting right next to it on the shelf in the store!)

Only to get home and see...

It's still taller, but not *as* bad as the other one. I guess I can live with it. I checked Target while I was there the other day and apparently they changed the size of the paperbacks - as the other ones in Target were just as big as this 3rd one I picked up. Kinda strange... oh well.

So anyways, I go to start the return process on Amazon for the other one, I select that the item wasn't as described and left a comment that I thought I was ordering the same size as the other 2 but apparently not as I didn't realize multiple paperback sizes were being released on the same day.

I click "submit" and this screen pops up with a pop-up in the center saying the exact same thing!

How awesome is that?! No need to return - just keep it, on us! So that's cool and all - hubby says it's probably because I've been ordering a lot off Amazon the past few months - but, um... what am I going to do with a 2nd copy of this book, in a format size that I don't want?

I know my aunt's been waiting for me to get it so she can borrow it after me and finish the series also (she borrowed the 1st 2 books from friends)... maybe I'll just give it to her...? Guess I'll see!

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