Phone Photo Fun Mondays - 02.06.12

As usual, I was working Monday and I've been sooo tired lately I just haven't had the energy to sit and blog once Jay goes to bed, so this is a few days late, but oh well!

The big event this weekend was Jay's 1st birthday party, but since that's a whole separate beast of a post, I'll save the non-birthday photos for this post!

He got ahold of daddy's UPS ID badge and was carrying it all around the house with him, pretending to be daddy, hehe
Apparently they make white chocolate Kit Kat bars and I bought one while out shopping. It was pretty darn good!
I thought it was neat that Jay's milk expired on his birthday and had to document it!
I often shop the Target $1 Shop every other week or so and currently they have a bunch of Star Wars stuff for $1 in honor of the 3D release of Episode 1. The yoyo I gave away as a party favor at Jay's party, and then for Jay I got him all 3 coloring books (I realized when I got home though they're all the same coloring book, just with different covers - oops!) and then I got the 48 piece puzzle that we can put together when Jay's a bit older and has graduated to non-wooden puzzles. For a buck a piece, can't pass that up!
I needed to get some cat food for Tiger and decided to take Jay with me and take a trip around the "ghetto zoo" as friends on Facebook refer to it (aka, the pet store, or in our case PetCo as we buy the Hill's Science Diet cat food and PetCo and PetSmart seem to be the only stores in town that carry it). Jay likes looking at the fishies though - this trip he was most interested in the swarm of cheap 19cent minnows and goldfish, lol...
Jay's birthday loot from mommy and daddy, minus his ball popper toy and learning activity table (which I bought used from a lady on the local Facebook mom's group for $20!). He got some toys and some art stuffs (fingerpaints and window crayons), as well as his own remote control (sans batteries!), a Thomas and Friends sing-along DVD, and some t-shirt for spring/summer (including ones with Thomas, Mario, Linus and the Cowboy's logo on them). Most the toys I picked up around Christmas during all the Christmas sales (including the BOGO sale at Kmart), so I guess that's one advantage to having a birthday not too far after Christmas!
Showing off the mess he made... and yeah, he just got MORE toys to make a mess with lol...
He completely baffles me at how he manages to get his crib toys undone! I mean, those suckers are a pain to get on and off, at least to us adults, yet he seems to pull them off so easily!
I finally gave in and bought some Scentsy bars! A friend of mine sells Partylite and when I had my party last summer I had ordered some tealights with matching scent melts for my warmers, however she forgot to order the scent melts and while I reminded her several times, she just never got around to it and when I was looking last week on the website I noticed they don't carry ANY of the scents I need to go with my tealights, so I talked to blogger and Scentsy consultant Ms. Celia and decided to check out these Scentsy scents: for a yummy scent I tried the Toasted Caramel Sugar from the Bring Back My Bar collection; for my bathroom, which is ocean/beach themed I got Mediterranean Spa and Rio Beach; and for something soothing for Jay's room I got Newborn Nursery. I think I'll definitely be ordering more from Celia in the future!

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